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GAME TIP #1: Many games on this site such as Curveball were built with Adobe Flash. To play these games, you must allow the free Adobe Flash Player to run in your browser. If you don't see an animation in the red rectangle above, click in the red rectangle and activate your Flash Player. Then the Flash-based games should open for you.

If you see a message that the Adobe Flash Player is "blocked", go to your browser's Settings page and change Block to Ask First, if possible.

If the red rectangle is empty, your browser might not have the Flash Player. To check this, follow the steps on Adobe's Flash Player Help page.

GAME TIP #2: If you cannot get the Flash-based brain games to work, try the HTML5 brain games instead. HTML5 games do not use the Adobe Flash Player. They work in modern browsers automatically. All the HTML5 games are listed on this page.

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