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The Construct a Bridge online cargo bridge game is a fun physics puzzler. Build a bridge that doesn't collapse. Connect joints with lines to create your engineering marvel.

Construct a Bridge and Bridge Legends are part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a new window.

Test your bridge with real trucks passing over. Will your bridge withstand the test?

Cargo Bridge Game Instructions

Construct a Bridge Features: Ability to edit your bridge anytime via Undo command; Ability to delete portions of your bridge via the Delete command.

Also playable from this page: Bridge Legends.

In Bridge Legends, it's time to build a strong bridge to help the hero save his princess. Will the bridge hold?

Travel across the fantasy world and help the hero to cross the mountains to reach her. Use many tools as wood, strong pieces, bloons and other materials to make the bridge stronger to avoid a deadly fall. Complete the four puzzle worlds, and earn money to buy new skins for the hero.

Complete all the puzzles in each of the levels. Collect the most points and coins to unlock a new avatar for the character.

Note: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash cargo bridge game.

Each level of Cargo Bridge, you're presented with one or more valleys that have valuable resources on the other side.

Using your in-game funds, purchase building materials for your bridge design. Then build and test the bridge.

If your bridge is well made, your workers will cross it to obtain and return resources from the other side. If it isn't, your workers let you know pretty quickly!

HOW TO PLAY. Cargo Bridge is a bridge-building puzzle game consisting of multiple levels. The challenge for each level is to build one or more successful bridges across various canyons, gorges, valleys, etc.

Games like Cargo Bridge train important brain skills such as visual processing, logical reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

After the game loads in the pop-up window, the Welcome to Cargo Bridge screen displays.

Click the Start Game button on that screen to access the Select Level screen. Click the "1" button to begin with Level 1.

Your first job in this game is to analyze each scenario. Think of a bridge design that will work. Consider anchor points, span distances, and changes in elevation.

cargo bridge game
Select Level screen

Then design a bridge that not only crosses the gaps, but can bear the weight of your workers successfully as well as the loot they collect.

Early levels in this Cargo Bridge game are relatively easy. At first, you're presented with just one or two narrow valleys on a given level. Give it some thought, examine the situation.

With enough mental effort, you'll think of ways to assemble wood connectors to support your bridge designs. Then click and drag wood connectors where you want them, adding wood walk planks as needed.

The first time you play Cargo Bridge, a walk-through tutorial displays automatically. It explains the basic features of the Cargo Bridge game.

However, the tutorial doesn't provide guidance on bridge design. That's up to you!

Cargo Bridge Game Controls

To view the full width of each level, drag your mouse to the left or right on the screen. This is similar to the way you can view the entire field.

cargo bridge game
Design Mode button

DESIGN MODE. After examining the terrain presented in the Cargo Bridge level, click the Design Your Bridge button in the upper left corner of the game screen.

This takes you into design mode. In this mode, the screen looks rather like an architectural blueprint.

In design mode, assemble connectors and walkways into a bridge design you think will support your workers and their loot.

cargo bridge game
Design Mode

First note the amount of cash in your bank account, displayed in the upper right corner. These are the funds available to purchase bridge building materials.

I'm not sure about later levels, but in early levels you can use "wood connectors" and "wood walk" planks to build your bridges.

The wood connectors are for the bridge structure. Use the wooden walk planks for the actual roadway your workers travel upon.

To add a connector to your bridge design, first select the connector type in the upper right corner of design mode by clicking it. Then, on the design itself, drag from one available anchor point to another to install the connector.

If your span is too great for the connector, a message displays in red notifying you. In that case, add shapes such as trestles or trussels to strengthen the structure of the bridge.

Be as efficient as possible with your designs in this Cargo Bridge game. Every plank is purchased using your bank budget.

BRIDGE TESTING MODE. Once you're happy with your bridge design, it's time to test it. While in design mode, click the Test Your Bridge button in the upper left corner. This button looks like a small stopwatch.

In test mode, your workers will attempt to cross the bridge you've constructed. If they're successful, they'll automatically bring back goods like cargo crates from the other side.

On the other hand, if your bridge collapses, let's just say it's a long fall.

No worries though. Simply re-enter design mode and make improvements to your bridges structure. Then test the improved bridge again.

Because it quickly becomes quite challenging, this free Cargo Bridge game is a great brain game.

Use wood connectors, wood walk planks, and other construction supplies to design a viable bridge within budget. And give your brain a boost at the same time!

Note: The leaderboard in this game is not currently functional.

Published: 06/02/2015
Last Updated: 02/28/2022

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