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School Supply Snap
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This School Supply Snap game helps train your spatial memory, the ability to remember the physical location of items. There are 25 different supplies in the cupboard. A real workout for your memory!

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To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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School Supply Snap Instructions

NOTE: This game is not optimized for mobile phones or tablets. For the best experience, play this game on a laptop or desktop computer.

HOW TO PLAY. Click the PLAY button to display the How to Play screen. Click the PLAY button again to begin the game.

The game starts at Level 1.

You run the school supply room. It's your job to hand out school supplies. When a student comes to the counter, you need to give them the item they need.

Remember where the different school supplies are located in the supply cupboard. School supplies include tape, scissors, pencils, glue, markers, and much more.

Move your character by pressing the Arrow Keys. Press the Spacebar to open a cabinet door.

Once you have the item, run back to the counter and press the Spacebar to give the item to the student. You need to serve all the students who are waiting in line before time runs out. So you need to move fast!

Spatial Memory and School Supply Snap

Location games like School Supply Snap and Lightning Librarian engage short-term and spatial memory.

Spatial memory is a cognitive process that enables you to remember different locations as well as spatial relations between objects.

This allows you to remember where an object is in relation to another object. For instance, allowing you to navigate through a familiar city.

Spatial memory is necessary for orientation in space. It is a type of memory that allows you to remember the spatial locations of objects and landmarks.

This Encyclopedia Britannica article has more information on spatial memory, in case you're interested.

Play School Supply Snap often to give your brain a boost!

Published: 09/28/2008
Last Updated: 03/16/2023

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