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Play Guess Who (HTML5):

Here's a fun Guess Who game to test your logical reasoning skills. Figure out which person the computer has chosen before it guesses your pick!

This game is part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

In multiplayer, play a friend on the same computer, a friend on two different computers, or Quick Match against random opponents.

Instructions - Guess Who Game

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HOW TO PLAY. In this Guess Who game, the idea is to guess clues based on appearance to figure out which character your computer opponent has selected. Of course, your opponent is trying to do the same thing, that is, guess which character you have chosen.

When the game begins, 24 images representing various characters are displayed on a grid on the screen. The individuals vary widely in appearance. They have assigned names, such as Eric, Chantal, Jenny, Evan, or Michael.

Some characters are wearing glasses, some are bald, some of the men have a mustache, some have black hair, and so on. Each has a unique combination of characteristics.

Choose your character based on how difficult you suspect it might be for your opponent to guess your selection based on appearance. For instance, if beards appear to not be that common, a bearded person might be a good choice (up to you).

You will see your character's image, but your opponent won't. After you select an individual, your opponent will choose theirs. You won't see which one they picked.

Guess Who Game Play

Now the Guess Who game play begins. Choose a question from the box at the bottom of the screen. The questions relate to various aspects of a person's appearance.

There are 15 questions available:

Character Grid
  1. Is your character a male?

  2. Is your character wearing glasses?

  3. Does your character have a mustache?

  4. Is your character wearing bunny ears?

  5. Is your character bald?

  6. Does your character have blond hair?

  7. Does your character have black hair?

  8. Does your character have brown hair?

  9. Does your character have a beard?

  10. Is your character wearing a bandana?

  11. Is your character wearing a band in their hair?

  12. Is your character wearing earrings?

  13. Is your character wearing a tie?

  14. Is your character wearing a necklace?

  15. Does your character have their mouth open?

What you're trying to do is guess cleverly, to narrow down as quickly as possible which individual your opponent has selected.

When you guess a criteria, such as whether the person is wearing earrings, all the characters that do not have that characteristic are crossed off the grid of individuals. Among the characters remaining is your opponent's.

A chart in the lower right shows you how many correct guesses your opponent has made so far. The first one to guess the other's character is the winner!

Puzzle games like this Guess Who game train important brain skills including concentration and logical reasoning. Play these games often to give your brain a boost.

Published: 04/10/2020
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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