Memory issues due to brain hemorrhage and meningitis

by Mohan Kumar
( New Delhi, India)

I suffered from right ganglionic bleeding on November 2015. After surgery I was shifted from ICU.

memory problems story
Now because I was from poor category, from the beginning the hospital administration did not allow for a single room and I was shifted to a shared room with only a curtain between me and another patient who was recovering from bacterial meningitis.

Just that night and the next day I was having 104 degree Celsius temperature. On further investigations I was also suffering from bacterial meningitis. Treatment was done, and I survived that as well.

Now before this meningitis, I didn't had memory issues. When my father asked did you had tea which was given just 10 or 15 minutes before I said yes there was no problem. But after this meningitis I was not able to recall things like the above.

I am a software developer by profession. So after coming back home when I started studying any new topic was so difficult to remember. I would do something today, and the next day trying to do the same thing and I will go blank just could not remember what I did yesterday.

My father was my care taker. Now because he learned so much about the complications that can happen due to meningitis, he was very supportive and that was what that kept me going.

I was lucky to have him around who understood what I was going through. I think this support is needed at the initial stage. Any care giver please please just try to understand the feeling initially.

From my experience I can understand this will be very encouraging. I have suffered from EP TB (extrapulmonary tuberculosis) after that. I am really lucky I am able to type this all by myself.

I am fighting due to all the encouragement from my father my caregiver. Hopefully my recovery will come soon.

Doug's Reply. Mohan, thank you for sharing your story. I wish you a speedy recover.

For some ideas on how to boost your memory, you might want to read Memory Problems After Meningitis, a memory problems story by Gill from Scotland who is also recovering from bacterial meningitis.

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