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This mahjong on-line cooking game is a fun variation of mahjong tile stacking games. Cook the indicated recipes by combining the different ingredients.

The HTML5 version Cooking Mahjong is an HTML5 game. It does not require the Adobe Flash player.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Note: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash game.

Mahjong on Line - Instructions

In this Mahjong Burger game, you need to match tiles illustrated with images of hamburgers, tacos, etc. It's also a timed game.

Like other mahjong tile games, the way to win at Burger Mahjong is to remove pairs of matching tiles until all the tiles are gone. Tile games like Burger Mahjong train brain skills such as concentration, visual perception, and logical reasoning.

Most mahjong tile games consist only of a pyramid or other stack of tiles. Mahjong Burger has the tile stacks, but it's also set in a restaurant theme that makes playing it even more entertaining.

You need to remove the pairs of tiles in a hurry. To the side of the tile stack is a moving conveyor belt of food items.

You lose if the items reach the end of the belt before you've removed all the tiles from the stack.

Fortunately, every time you match a pair of tiles, the conveyor belt slows down or backs up.

HOW TO PLAY.  Burger Mahjong on-line follows the basic rules of mahjong tile games. To win, you must remove all pairs of tiles from the stack.

A challenging aspect of mahjong is that you cannot remove a tile unless either the left or right side of the tile is "free". In other words, a tile that is blocked by another tile on both the right and left side cannot be moved.

Mahjong tile pair

Finding pairs of tiles quickly requires sharp visual skills. Also, since the tiles are arranged in a stack formation, not all tile pairs are visible at the same time. Many of the tiles are underneath other tiles and will only become visible as you remove other pairs of tiles.

To remove a pair of tiles, simply click the two tiles one at a time. If they match, they will disappear from the stack. Be careful, though, to make sure the tiles are exact matches. Some of the tiles in Burger Mahjong on-line are similar but not exactly the same. (For instance, the single burger tile compared to the double-meat burger tile.)

GETTING STARTED. On the Mahjong Burger main screen, click the START GAME button. Then, click Easy, Normal, or Hard to choose your level of difficulty.

On the next screen that appears, click the Level 1 button. This will take you to the Burger Mahjong on-line restaurant. Click the Ready! button to begin playing.

The harder the level you choose, the more tiles there are in the stack.

SPECIAL RULES. If matching tiles complete an order that is on the conveyor belt, they will disappear from the conveyor belt. This will shorten the line of items on the belt and add time. As I mentioned above, the game ends if the conveyor belt is full and an order drops off the end.

There are four special tiles you can use to enhance your game play:

Shuffle tile

Shuffle. Removing a pair of Shuffle tiles randomly mixes the tiles in the stack. This can help you recover if you're stuck in a situation where no matching pairs are visible.

Slow Time tile

Slow Time. Removing a pair of Slow Time tiles decreases the speed of the conveyor belt temporarily. This gives you more time to find and remove pairs of tiles.

Extra Points tile

Extra Points. Removing a pair of Extra Points tiles add points to your total score.

Hints tile

Hints. Removing a pair of Hints tiles causes matching pairs of tiles in the stack to visibly flash. This makes it easy to quickly clear several pair of tiles from the stack. The hint effect lasts for five turns.

Burger Mahjong on-line is one of my favorite mahjong tile games. It's fun and challenging at the same time, which makes it a great brain game.

Published: 05/27/2012
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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