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mahjong slide
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Mahjong Slide is a fun variation of the usual mahjong tile game. Beyond finding matching pairs, you also need to find (or create) an open pathway so the pair can slide together.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

This mahjong Slidon game was developed in China with English subtitles. Ignore the Chinese writing. Just follow the English.

Mahjong Slide - Instructions

Mahjong games like this one train important brain skills including concentration and visual perception.

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HOW TO PLAY. After the game opens in the pop-up window, click the GAME START button on the game screen to start playing. Stage 1 displays first.

As in regular mahjong, the object is to clear the board of all tiles. To do this, you need to pair up tiles that have a matching symbol.

To pair tiles in mahjong slide, identify an open path that allows one tile to slide toward and touch its match. Or create an opening by moving the other tiles.

Sometimes a path already exists. Other times, you need to move tiles out of the way to open up a pathway.

To move a tile, place your cursor over the tile and hold down the left mouse button. Arrows appear on the sides of the tile, indicating available paths the tile can move. Click the arrow to slide the tile in that direction.

A tile is locked and cannot move in certain situations. These include if the tile is covered by another tile, or if another tile is located immediately adjacent to the tile.

mahjong slide
Click green arrow to slide and match a pair

As I mentioned, mahjong tiles may be stacked. In that instance, you must remove the tiles on top before accessing the tiles underneath. The lower tiles cannot be seen until they are uncovered.

As you complete levels, stages become progressively more difficult. You'll see more tiles on the board and more stacks.

STEPS. You must clear each mahjong level in the displayed number of steps or fewer. The number of steps available is shown on the left side of the game in the Last Steps section.

UNDO. If you make a mistake, you have the option to click the Undo area in the lower left of the game screen. The tile you just moved returns to its original position.

DELETE. It's possible to end up with an odd number of tiles at the end of a level. This can happen if you match three-of-a-kind, whether intentionally or not.

In that situation, eliminate the last mahjong tile by clicking the Delete section in the lower center of the game screen, then clicking the tile to be deleted.

Don't waste your Deletes, though. There are a limited number of them.

mahjong slide
Mahjong Slide score screen (between levels)

If you get stuck and want to start the game over, click the Give Up button in the lower right. Caution: This starts the mahjong slide game from the beginning. It does not start the level over.

Between levels, a score screen displays for that level. This screen indicates which stage you finished (such as "Stage 3 Clear") and shows the number of points you earned for completing the level.

Click the Next Stage button on the score screen to proceed to the next mahjong slide level.

I'm not sure how many levels this mahjongg slide game actually has. If you happen to reach the end of the game, please leave a Facebook comment below to let the rest of us know, or send a message through my Contact Me page.

Mahjong games are both relaxing to play and good for your brain. That's one reason they're so popular.

Published: 05/02/2012
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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