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Ready to play Hangman online? Hangman with Buddies strengthens thinking speed and verbal fluency.

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Scroll down to learn from Edgar Alan Poe a secret that will help you win more often at hangman!

Instructions to Play Hangman Online

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How to Play. Hangman is a classic word-guessing game that requires a mix of logical thinking, vocabulary knowledge, and a bit of luck.

The object of Hangman is to guess the hidden word before your stick man is "hung". This game is similar to the one you may have played on paper as a child.

Play live against other players online in this word guessing game with friends.

Guess the hidden word and prevent the stick man from falling into the crocodile-infested river. Learn new words while improving your guessing skills.

You can also set up a private room with passcode. With your private room, you can play hangman online against your friends anywhere in the world!

How to Win More Often at Hangman

The Gold Bug

I'll let you in on a little secret that every cryptographer and fan of Edgar Alan Poe probably knows:

Certain letters appear more commonly in English words than other letters. So if you know the order of the most common letters, you get a head start in games like Hangman.

Poe created one of the first of these "letter frequency" sequences. He used it to solve a mystery in his awesome short story, The Gold Bug (one of my favorites).

The sequence he came up with was "ETAOINSHRDLU". If you memorize this sequence, you should do great whenever you play Hangman online and similar games.

I remember the ETAOINSHRDLU sequence by using the memory technique called "chunking". Chunking just means to break it down into smaller bits.

My chunks are "E" + "TAO" + "IN" + "SHR" + "D" + "LU". It has a certain rhythm to it that makes it easy to remember after you repeat it a few times.

Following this pattern, whenever you play Hangman online (or on paper) you should always guess "E" first. Then guess "T". Then "A". And so on.

Make sure to pay attention to the word as you go along! As soon as there are enough letters for you to figure out what the word is, then let your thinking brain take over. Just use ETAOINSHRDLU to get you started.

More Strategies for Winning at Hangman

When you play hangman online against others, of course you want to win. In addition to ETAOINSHRDLU, another key strategy is to look for patterns and common word structures.


Once you've guessed a few letters, try to identify common prefixes or suffixes in the word, such as "un-", "re-", "-ing", or "-ed". This can help you narrow down the possibilities and make more accurate guesses.

Similarly, if you spot a vowel, consider which consonants are most likely to appear next to it. For instance, "t" and "r" often follow "e" while "n" and "d" frequently come after "a".

Pay attention to patterns and word structure. Once you've revealed a few letters, look for common combinations, such as double letters (e.g., EE, LL, SS) or consonant-vowel pairings (e.g., TH, CH, SH).

Another useful strategy is to pay attention to the letters you've already guessed and the ones that have been revealed in the word. If you notice a pattern or a particular sequence of letters, try to guess words that fit that pattern.

For example, if you've guessed the letters "C" and "L" and the word has revealed "CLA_ _," you may want to guess "CLASS" or "CLASH".

Pay attention to the length of the word and any hints that may be given. If the word is short, it may be easier to guess the word outright, especially if you've already identified a few letters.

On the other hand, if the word is long, you may want to focus on guessing common letter combinations, such as "th" or "ing." If you're given a hint, such as the category the word belongs to, use it to your advantage and guess words that fit the category.

Don't forget to use your deductive reasoning skills. If you've guessed several letters and still can't seem to figure out the word, try to think of words that fit the letters you've guessed so far.

If none come to mind, start eliminating words that don't fit and focus on words that are more likely to be correct.

Remember, winning at hangman requires a combination of luck and skill. By using these strategies, you can increase your chances of guessing the word correctly and have fun while you do it!

Published: 01/23/2010
Last Updated: 03/27/2023

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