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golf solitaire
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Welcome to Golf Solitaire. This free solitaire game is a bit different from patience solitaire.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Remove cards from the tableau pile to the draw pile. But you can only move cards that are one point higher or lower than the face-up card in the draw pile.

The HTML5/Mobile version is an HTML5 game. It's a similar game made by a different developer.

Golf Solitaire - Instructions

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HOW TO PLAY. All cards are dealt face-up in the tableau. Clear all cards from the table by moving them one by one to the draw pile.

To do this, you may only move uncovered cards that are one point higher or one point lower than the card currently shown on the draw pile.

For example, suppose the Queen of Clubs is the current face-up card on the draw pile. Examining the uncovered cards on the table, you see 9 of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, Jack of Spades, 4 of Diamonds, 3 of Clubs, King of Spades, 3 of Hearts, and Queen of Spades.

One point higher or lower than the card in the draw pile would be any Jack or any King. So you could move the Jack of Spades or the King of Spades off the table and to the draw pile.

The card you move then becomes the new "current" face-up card on the draw pile. Now look for an available card that is one point higher or lower than that card.

An uncovered card is located at the bottom of each column in the tableau. The draw pile (also called stock pile) is located below the tableau.

If you get stuck, click the face-down side of the draw pile. This deals a new card onto the draw pile.

golf solitaire
Tableau & Draw Pile

The game progresses in this manner until you either remove all cards from the table, or there are no moves remaining. In the latter case, a "No More Moves" message displays. Click the PLAY AGAIN button to play another round.

The game uses a single, shuffled 52-card deck. The cards on the table are dealt into 8 columns of 5 cards each. The draw pile starts with 11 face-down cards and one up card.

Cards are dealt automatically when you open the game. Suit does not matter.

Your score displayed in the upper left. If you get a really high score, feel free to post a screen print in the Facebook Commenting section below.

It's not clear to me why this game is called "golf" solitaire. Maybe because the face-up draw pile card is like the hole, and you're trying to get all the other cards into that hole.

Regardless of the name, this card solitaire game is challenging and does require concentration and visual perception. Enjoy!

Published: 06/24/2016
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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