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Below are links to all the free Sudoku games on this site. There are several versions here, including printable Sudoku, so enjoy!

These free online Sudoku games are available to play anytime, no registration required.

Sudoku is a popular math puzzle game. It's easy to learn, but that's not to say solving it is easy. The game can be quite challenging.

Note: Want to print out sudoku to solve with pen or pencil? See my 100 Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles page.

The basic rules of Sudoku (see below) are fairly easy to understand. For detailed instructions, including advanced techniques, visit the Sudoku Instructions page.

In standard Sudoku, you're presented with a 9 x 9 grid. The grid is subdivided into nine 3 x 3 sections.

You'll see that many of the cells in the grid are blank. Other cells contain a single digit, 1 through 9, already pre-filled in. (The number 0 is not used.)

The goal is to fill the rest of the 9x9 grid with single-digit numbers 1 through 9 with the following basic restrictions: A number can only be used once in each row, column, and 3x3 cell.

List of Free Sudoku Games

Following are the Sudoku games. Click the picture of game or the Play Now link in the description.

This opens the game page for that particular Sudoku game. To open the game, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the Sudoku game on that page.

Game #1: 247 Sudoku

sudoku free online
247 Sudoku

Get ready to play Sudoku free online in your browser. This sudoku online game by 247 Sudoku is a joy to play.

Choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert levels of difficulty. You can even make notes right in the sudoku grid when you need to guess between two or more numbers.

The note-taking feature allows you to "pencil in" your guesses so you don't forget them. That way you can proceed with your sudoku strategy, later removing your notes and filling in the correct numbers as they become clear.

The highlight feature in this Sudoku free online game is very useful, because it allows you to rapidly determine whether a particular number already exists in the row, column, or subgrid you are trying to complete. Play Now

Game #2: Daily Sudoku

daily sudoku
Daily Sudoku

Here's a well-made daily sudoku online game for all you Sudoku fans out there. This online sudoku game displays a new sudoku puzzle each day.

Varying levels of difficulty can be selected, so even beginners can have fun and learn from this game.

For a challenge, more advanced players may want to select Normal, Tough, or Pro difficulty. There is also an Archive selection which displays a list of sudoku games you've attempted.

While the Hints feature is active, incorrect entries in the sudoku grid display in red. There's no time penalty for using the Hints feature. Play Now

Game #3: ProProfs Sudoku

online sudoku
ProProfs Sudoku

Here's a nicely made online free sudoku game by ProProfs. This game follows the standard rules of sudoku.

This online free sudoku game includes a few helpful options.

The first is the timer, in the upper left corner. The timer is really only needed if you're interested in keeping track of how fast you solve the sudoku puzzles.

The second is the buzzer. If you make an incorrect entry in the grid, a buzzer sounds and 10 seconds are added to the timer.

Third is the hints feature. This fills the answer in one of the empty squares in the grid, at random. Play Now

Game #4: 100 Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles

printable sudoku
Printable Sudoku

If you'd prefer to solve Sudoku on paper, I've got just the thing. I've made 100 free Sudoku puzzles you can print out anytime.

The puzzles are sorted by difficulty. They range from Easy to Very Hard.

The difference is simply the number of pre-filled numbers in the 9 x 9 grid. The few numbers pre-filled, the more difficult it is to figure out the remaining numbers. That's the challenge!

Sometimes I prefer to solve Sudoku on paper, simply because it can be easier to make notations in the margins.

But as you can see, at least one of the online free sudoku games above (247 Sudoku) has a note-taking feature that closely replicates this ability. Play Now

More Number Puzzles

If you enjoy playing Sudoku, there's a whole world of number puzzles you might enjoy. Some of them are available free-to-play on this site, including KenKen (also known as MathDoku), LadyBird Logic, and Kakuro.

Math games make great brain games. They obviously sharpen numerical skills, but they also train concentration and visual perception.

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Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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