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Here's an excellent free daily crossword puzzle. No need to print it, either. You solve this crossword online in your browser. Visit here for a new puzzle each day.

This game is part of the free online brain games collection.

To open today's crossword puzzle, click the Medium button under the picture of the game. This displays the free daily crossword puzzle in a pop-up window.

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Daily Online Crossword - Instructions

This online daily crossword has all the features you could want in a crossword.

HOW TO PLAY. This online daily crossword puzzle is well-designed and easy to use. Type the answers directly into the puzzle.

The clues are listed along the right side, with the Across clues above and the Down clues below. Use the scroll bars to scroll up and down through the lists of clues.

To enter an answer into the crossword grid, click the box where the first letter of the word goes. (To change between horizontal to vertical words, press the Spacebar.) Then simply type in the answer. To remove a letter, click the square to be cleared and press the Backspace key.

For example, suppose one of the Across clues is "44. Breezy car". You suspect the answer is "convertible."

free daily crossword puzzle

You also notice there are 11 squares available for the answer, which matches the length of that word. To enter your answer, click the 44 square in the crossword grid. Then type the word convertible: C O N V E R T I B L E.

To view the list of mouse and keyboard commands for this free daily crossword puzzle, click the How to Solve link at the bottom of the puzzle. This opens a pop-up window with the list of the mouse clicks and keystrokes.

QUICK TIP: There's no need to turn on CAPS LOCK. Letters appear in the grid as capitals automatically.

The crossword grid and the clues are linked visually for convenience. Clicking a location in the crossword puzzle grid highlights the clue in the Across or Down list. Similarly, clicking a clue in the Across or Down list highlights the squares on the crossword grid where the answer goes.

More Useful Features of this Free Daily Crossword

This free daily crossword puzzle has several built-in, online features you'll find quite useful. These features are only possible with online crosswords. They are one big reason online crossword puzzles can be more fun to solve than printed crosswords.

free daily crossword puzzle

  • Solve Letter. Are you a terrible speller but want to solve crossword puzzles anyway? When you are sure you've got the right answer but have misspelled a letter in the word, click the Solve Letter button at the bottom of this free daily crossword puzzle. The highlighted square will display the correct letter.

  • Solve Word. Stumped by a clue but don't want to forfeit the puzzle? Click the Solve Word button. The answer appears in the highlighted part of the puzzle grid.

  • Solve Puzzle. Had enough but want to learn the answers for the clues that stumped you? Click the Solve Puzzle button. ALL the answers display in the daily crossword.

  • Hide Errors. By default any incorrect letters or words appear red in the grid. To make the puzzle more challenging, click the Hide Errors button. Incorrect letters or words will appear in black just like correct entries, so you won't be alerted to your mistakes. To revert back to showing errors, click the Show Errors button.

  • Restart. Click this button if at any point you want to restart the current free daily crossword puzzle. This button clears the crossword grid so you can start the same crossword over again.

  • Score. If you're really fast at crosswords, you may be able to get a positive score on this free daily crossword puzzle. Your score displays at the top of the puzzle.

    I'm way to slow at solving crosswords, though, so my score has been 0 every time. Oh, well, at least I'm still training my brain! Click the Score link at the top of the online crossword puzzle to view complete rules for scoring.

Crossword puzzles make excellent brain games. To boost your verbal fluency and memory, work on solving this free daily crossword puzzle 2 or 3 times per week.

CROSSWORD PUZZLE SOFTWARE. If you had fun solving this free daily crossword puzzle, consider buying the crossword puzzle software sold by Boatload Puzzles. They're the group that made this free online version. Click the link at the bottom of the crossword for more information.

For about $20, you get access to 100,000 crossword puzzles. That's enough crosswords to keep you occupied a long, long time.

Published: 03/12/2014
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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