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Over 6,000 puzzles await you in this hangman game online. Guess the letters to solve the word puzzle, or you'll be dinner!

This game is part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Hangman Game Online - Instructions

Each puzzle has a clue to help you out. How many balloons can you save before the beast eats you?

It's time for a hangman challenge. This hangman game online is a lot of fun. This game follows the usual hangman rules. The object is to guess the hidden word before your stickman is hung.

Note: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash game.

Hangman is a word-game puzzle where you're given a limited number of guesses to figure out a hidden word. Guess one letter at a time, but don't get hung.

Word games like this hangman game online train important brain skills including memory, verbal fluency, and information processing.

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HOW TO PLAY. It's not usually the case when playing hangman that you know the conceptual category into which the hidden word falls.

Most hangman puzzles are wide open to any word in the dictionary, and you simply have to use your wits to figure out the missing word.

This hangman game online is different. You're not provided any letters of the hidden word, but you do have a slight edge because you'll know whether the word is the name of an animal, an item found in the kitchen, the name of a city, or other category.

To make up for this slight advantage, the hangman game allows you to choose from three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. If you are a whiz at word games and have a broad vocabulary, jump right into the Advanced level for the greatest challenge.

Each wrong guess adds another part of the stickman to the scafford. So on the first incorrect letter guess, his head is drawn.

hangman game online
Three incorrect guesses so far

On the second wrong guess, his body is added. Then, his right arm, then his left arm, then each leg.

You get only six wrong guesses before he's hung. When the left leg appears, he's hung and you've lost!

As in all hangman games, the guessing works as follows:

You are presented with an unknown, hidden word represented by a series of blanks. Each blank is one letter of the word.

For example, suppose the missing word is "elephant". You won't know that, and instead you'll see 8 blanks, like the following: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Below the hangman scafford is displayed a list of the letters of the alphabet. To make a guess, click a letter. For example, to guess the letter "t", click the "T" button.

If a letter appears more than once in the word, you only need to select the letter once. So for the word "elephant", if you guess "E" both "e's" appear in their respective blanks.

Hangman Game Categories

The word categories in this hangman game online puzzle vary slightly depending on which level of difficulty you choose. The three difficulties and their categories include:

To select a category, simply click the category name in the list. The hidden hangman word that displays will be from that category.

If you lose a round, click any category name (including the same category you just played) for a new hangman word to solve.

Hangman Game Online - Strategy

As I explain on the other hangman game page, one secret to solving hidden word puzzle games like this hangman game online is knowing the most common letter frequencies in English.

You may not have thought much about this before, but on any random page some letters of the alphabet appear more often than others. Obviously you see a lot more "e's" than "q's" on a typical page.

Well, some smart (and patient) folks sat down a long time ago and tabulated the letter frequencies. They figured out how often each letter appears compared to all the others.

What they found, among other things, is that the first 12 most common letters in English are: ETAOINSHRDLU (in that order). "E" is the most common letter, "T" is the second most common, and so on.

When you have no idea what a word is, such as in a hangman puzzle game, you can boost your odds of a correct guess by choosing from the most common letters. This guessing technique also works great for other missing-word games like Wheel of Fortune.

Beyond that, you of course get a hint based on the word category you've selected. That narrows down the possible words a bit.

Another hangman strategy that's useful is look for fragments including prefixes and suffixes that may be missing a letter.

For example, if your word is _ _ _ i _ g _ _ _ _, notice that the "i" and "g" are separated only by a single letter and recall that "ing" is a common letter grouping in English.

By such deduction your stickman might survive the hangman's noose long enough for you to guess the word is "hummingbird".

Note: This hangman game online uses British English. Those of you accustomed to American English will find that most of the words in this game are nevertheless spelled the way you expect.

If you love hangman, this is a great way to play solo in your browser whenever you want. And if you've never tried the game, here's your chance.

Published: 12/29/2014
Last Updated: 10/26/2023

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