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I hope you enjoy the easy printable crossword puzzles below. You have my permission to share and print the crosswords for any purpose except sell them.

Free free to share these crosswords with your friends and family, co-workers and colleagues. Print them for use at home, school, church, assisted living facility, company, or anywhere else.

Solving puzzles helps to focus attention. And as a type of brain game, crossword puzzles are an excellent way to train memory and concentration.

I made these these crossword puzzles myself. They are not meant to be overly difficult. NOTE: The puzzle solution is on page 2 of the printable.

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List of Easy Printable Crossword Puzzles

summer crossword puzzle

Here are the free printable crossword puzzles. Click the name of the crossword to open a printable PDF version.

If you wish, you can download the PDF file and email it to anyone, upload it to your blog or website, etc. Feel free to share the puzzles but not sell them.

Some of these puzzles can also be solved online. Click the "Solve Online" link to go to that puzzle's main page, where you can open the puzzle in a pop-up window and solve it there.

After you open one of the crossword puzzle documents above, you can print it out by clicking the Printer icon at the top of the page. This opens a window where you can set options such as number of copies.

Why "Easy" Crossword Puzzles?

In my experience, hard crossword puzzles usually require specialized knowledge and prior experience with such puzzles to solve them. And that is wonderful for those who love the challenge such puzzles offer.

NYT Crossword Puzzles

I am not against hard crossword puzzles. I've owned a copy of the hard-back crossword puzzle book, "The New York Times Little Black (and White) Book of Crosswords" for years and occasionally challenge myself with one of the harder puzzles.

It's a great puzzle book, and I recommend it. However, most of the puzzles in it are pretty tough.

On the other hand, many people aren't thrilled by the prospect of tackling a puzzle that requires them to know lots of obscure facts. And it's never satisfying to just leave a puzzle half-finished.

Because I want this crossword puzzle collection to have wide appeal, I have minimized the difficulty level. You may find some clues challenging. But there is nothing in these easy printable crossword puzzles that I would consider crazy-difficult.

Note: Having said that, some of these crossword puzzles are more challenging than others due to the particular subject matter. For example, you might find the Literary Terms crossword to be tough if you aren't familiar with the specialized lingo used by writers.

Sharing These Puzzles

Basically you can do whatever you like with the crosswords except sell them. You can email the crossword PDF file to anyone, or put it on your blog, website, etc. without restriction.

Are you the publisher of a newsletter, bulletin, newspaper, or magazine? Include a crossword puzzle, word search puzzle, or sudoku puzzle in each issue. Your readership will love it!

In your publication, simply include the following copyright statement next to each puzzle: "© Memory-Improvement-Tips.com. Reprinted by Permission."

Do you know a special needs student, such as a child or adult with autism or severe ADHD, who might enjoy solving puzzles on paper? Then check out my collection of Special Needs Word Search puzzles. Also free, of course.

How to Solve a Crossword Puzzle

Use the provided clues to identify words that fit in the puzzle grid. The grid itself consists of a pattern of horizontal and vertical intersecting words.

The challenge is that the words are hidden. You have to figure them out!

The clues in a crossword puzzle point to the missing words. The clues are generally single words themselves or short phrases.

For example, there might be a hidden word in the crossword that you can see from the grid is seven letters long, and maybe the clue is "Book collection".

Using your brain power, you realize that the seven-letter word LIBRARY is a collection of books, and that word fits into the grid.

Crossword puzzles vary in difficulty. What makes one puzzle harder than another is not the number of words in the grid. Rather, it's the clues.

Continuing with the example above, if instead of "Book collection", the clue had been "It often has branches," then you may have taken longer think of that same word, LIBRARY, because this time the clue wasn't as obvious. You know, trees have branches and so do a lot of other things. In the most difficult crosswords, the clues can be quite cryptic or even require specialized knowledge.

Easy printable crossword puzzles

All the crossword puzzles on this easy printable crossword puzzles page are what I would consider to be mostly straightforward for the average person. I've not tried to be overly tricky with any of the clues.

SOLVING TIP: The horizontal and vertical words in a crossword "cross over" each other. You can use this to your advantage when solving the puzzle.

For instance, let's say you suspect the missing word is "LIBRARY" as in the example above, but you're not 100% certain. Wherever another word in the puzzle crosses that word, the two words must share a letter. If you can solve the crossing word, then you'll have one of the letters from the "LIBRARY" word.

Traditional crossword puzzles are solved using a pencil and paper. If you print out one of these crosswords, that's how you will solve it. But on my website you have options. If you'd rather solve the crossword puzzle online in your browser, click the Solve Online link, as I've mentioned.

I hope you have fun with these free easy printable crossword puzzles!

Published: 04/10/2020
Last Updated: 07/02/2022

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