Memory Loss and Jumbled Speech from 2 Brain Surgeries

by Pam G.
(Arden, North Carolina )

I had my first brain surgery in January 2009 for the removal of a cavernous malformation, a bunch of blood vessels twisted up in a horseshoe on my left temporal lobe.

memory problems story
I had been diagnosed with epilepsy probably two years before my surgery, not sure, my memory is not good.

They told my family the surgery went well and they got it all.

In April 2009 I started to have back-to-back grand mal seizures and was rushed back to the ER. They did a CT scan and saw that I had swelling on my brain and more of the malformation showed up.

I went back into emergency brain surgery again to remove the rest of the malformation and to reduce the swelling.

The only reason I can tell you my story is because my family has told me. I know that I've been diagnosed with epilepsy because I have seizures, how many I have no clue.

I remember some of my childhood, but there are times that my mom or my sister will be talking to me about a certain incident or birthday party, and it's blank to me it's like it never happened.

I have trouble remembering what I did two days ago or even yesterday.

My speech is ok, but at times words come out faster and are jumbled and backwards. My husband and I just laugh and say rewind. It literally sounds like you fast forward a tape!

Before any of this happened I worked for the school system in payroll and accounting. Now if it wasn't for an app on my phone I wouldn't remember to pay bills.

Thank you so much for this blog and for everyone else sharing your stories. It makes me feel like I'm not alone.

Thank you for the idea of a keeping a journal everyday. I never thought of that. I just take pictures of stuff that I have to go buy at the store, because I never remember what kind of deodorant I use or lotion I use.

No matter what we are all blessed ❤

Doug's Reply. I am so impressed with your positive attitude, Pam. Even with all the challenges you've faced with your epilepsy and brain surgery, you have still kept an optimistic view of life.

Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are an inspiration!

Best regards,
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