Research on Peg memory technique

by Margaret

Hello, Im not sure if you can help me but I have used the Numeric peg system for my psychology coursework and I need to find past research that has used the peg word system. Do you know of any websites I can go to as i cannot find anything on Google. Thank you, Margaret

Doug's Reply: You might want to borrow or purchase the book "Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It" by Dr. Kenneth Higbee. Higbee's book contains quite a few such references.

I'm looking at my copy right now. Chapter 11, titled "Mental Filing Systems: Peg Mnemonic", has a few dozen references which are detailed in the Chapter Notes section in the back of the book.

Here are a few examples:

- Studies on effectiveness of pegwords - F.S. Bellezza and G.H. Bower, "Remembering Script-Based Text," Poetics 11 (1982); 1-23.

- Categories interfere with pegwords - B.G. Reddy and F.S. Bellezza, "Interference Between Mnemonic and Categorical Oganization in Memory," Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 24 (1986): 169-71.

- J.L. Elliot and J.R. Gentile, "The Efficacy of a Mnemonic Technique for Learning Disabled and Nondisabled Adolescents, " Journal of Learning Disabilities 19 (1986); 237-41.

- J.R. Levin, C.B. McCornmick, and B.J. Dretzke, "A Combined Pictorial Mnemonic Strategy for Ordered Information," Educational Communication and Technology Journal 29 (1981); 219-25.

- M. Rogers, D. Dinnel, and J.A. Glover, "Oral Directions; Remembering What to Do When" (paper presented at the meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, April 1986).

- Amnesiac patients - C.D. Evans, "Rehabilitation of the Head Injured (London: Churchill Livingstone, 1981), 72-73.

- K.L. Higbee, "Can Young Children Use Mnemonics?", Psychological Reports 38 (1976):18.

If you go to the listing for the book, you can search inside for free. I think Amazon only allows you to view 10 pages, so it would probably be better to obtain a hardcopy of the book.

I hope that helps!

Best regards,

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