Convert abstract words to memory pictures

by Fahim

I am facing a problem if you could help. I am finding difficulty in converting abstract words into bizarre, unusual, funny, non-sensical pictures. The biggest problem in using memory techniques is how to convert abstract words into unusual, bizarre, absurd, non-sensical, funny, exaggerated pictures.

Many times we are stuck in thinking of the picture to describe the word. This consumes a lot of time and loss of courage to go ahead. But if memory experts can write a dictionary of abstract word-pictures then we could use it as a handy reference to picture a word.

I need more examples on visual imagery to learn and gain more ideas as possible which increases and adds thoughts to my mental database. I need your thoughts to convert the below mentioned software terms into absurd, bizarre, non-sensical, impossible images.

- Charts
- Source
- data
- options
- titles
- axes
- legends
- relocating
- Trendlines
... etc.

Appreciate your time, Fahim

Doug's Reply: A dictionary of abstract word pictures would be a massive project. Maybe someone will attempt it some day.

Here are examples based on the first few items on your list:

Charts - sounds like char + tz. To me, "char" evokes something burnt, like a charred piece of wood. "Tz" sounds like the sound of the letter "z". So for charts, I might think of a huge letter "Z" that has been charred (burnt black with the appearance of charred wood) in a fire.

Source - sounds like "sour" + "sea". Maybe an ocean full of lemons.

Data - if you pronounce the first syllable using a long "a", it sounds roughly like "day" + "tie". Maybe the sun trying desperately to tie on a necktie.

Options - sounds like "all" + "p" + "shuns". Maybe thousands of letter "P"s on a field shunning (turning away from) you.

Titles - sounds like "tie" + "talls". Maybe thousands of giant neckties growing taller until they reach the sky.

... and I could go on.

This only took me a couple minutes. The more you practice (the more you force yourself to think of the images), the faster you will get at this technique. Same as any other skill.

I hope that helped. Good luck!

Best regards,

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