Easy ways to remember events and lists

by Himi

Every day, take time at the end of the day to think what happened at school (if you spent the day there..), or office, or home, etc....

Think of the good and bad stuff and take it, accept it. This makes it easier to remember what happened easily.

Next relax and take a deep breath for a minute or so....

Well here is another way to remember stuff....
Okay, suppose you want to remember a list like this..

- Tree
- Apple
- Grass
- Pencil
- Pizza

Now close your eyes and imagine the tree or rather, draw the tree in your mind... Next imagine the tree "shape shifting" to an apple, next the grass. The grass can change into a pencil and the last to a tasty pizza..

Now open your eyes and try to recall them...
Or write them.

I'll give you a list to try ◕‿◕✿
- Apple
- Orange
- Glasses
- Tree
- Calculator
- Laptop
- Cup
- Ladder
- Pizza
- Eyes

That's all... If you can remember them after doing what I've written, your memory will have improved...

Thank you for taking the time.. Hope it works ✿◠‿◠

Doug's Reply. Thanks for the memory tips, Himi. I really need to start doing what you do at the end of the day and reflect on what happened that day.

I tend to rush around all the time, and the days start to blur together. I sometimes have trouble remembering which day I did a particular activity. If I would take the time each night to think about the day, I'm sure I'd recall the events much better later on.

You tip on memorizing lists is certainly effective. I often use a similar technique called the Link method. Visualization methods like those really do work.

Thanks again!


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