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Free Memory Plans:

#1: Improve Your Grades
     (for Students)

#2: Advance Your Career
     (for Professionals)

#3: Fight Mental Decline
     (for Seniors)

planning guyYou want to improve your memory or you wouldn't be reading this website. But you might be wondering just how to go about it - there seem to be so many tricks and strategies.

I thought about this problem for quite awhile, and then one day I had a great idea: Why not create personal memory improvement plans that people can follow? Each person could select the plan that fits their situation. Then they would know just what to do, and what not to do.

To the right are links to free memory plans I have created just for you. There is memory plan for Students, a memory plan for Business Professionals, and a memory plan for Senior Adults.

Pick the plan that seems to most closely match your situation. As you might imagine, the memory improvement plan for high school students who want to do better in school is quite different from the plan for 80-year-old retirees who wants to fight aging and keep their brain sharp.

So What Is a Memory Improvement Plan?

A memory improvement plan, like any plan, saves you time and helps you reach your goals. "To remember things better" is what you are after right now. You need a plan, because without one you might waste time learning skills or making other changes that don't help you much.

Memory improvement can be complicated. For example, there are memory systems you could learn. You could change your diet. Your could try to get more sleep. You could start playing brain games. You could chew gum and do aerobic exercise (not at the same time, hopefully). Not to mention using meditation, hypnosis, and other memory improvement strategies.

With a personal memory plan, you’ll know which of these you should do and which to avoid. You will be able to make progress right away. The plan will tell you how to meet your personal goals for improving your memory.

Are you a student who wants better grades? There is a plan for doing better with your school work. Are you a businessperson who wants to get a promotion? Your plan should be specific to that. Or, are you a senior adult who wants to keep your mind sharp as you age? There is a plan for you, too.

How to Use the Memory Plans

Each memory improvement plan starts with your goals, followed by a brief summary of how to reach them. The next part of the plan is divided in three sections:

  • Most Important
  • Also Important
  • Least Important

I have grouped each memory improvement strategy in one of these categories. Depending on your goals, a particular strategy could be very important or it might not be important at all.

For example, playing brain games is not that important for students but could be very important for seniors. If you think about it, students are already getting a mental workout with their school work.

Take the items in the Most Important section very seriously. These are the strategies that will make the biggest difference in your memory ability.

Really learn to use all the items in the Most Important section before moving on to the Also Important section.

After you learn the Most Important strategies, then start working on the strategies in the Also Important section. These will also help your memory improve.

Ignore the strategies in the Least Important section. You'll get much better results if you focus all your time and energy on the strategies in the first two sections.

Okay, it's time to start your memory improvement adventure! Based on your situation (Student, Professional, or Senior), decide which plan is right for you, and then click that link on the right side of this page to get started.

Published: 11/27/2007
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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