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The goal of time management games is the always the same, and often fun, but never easy. Accomplish objectives by selecting and using the right resources under the pressure of time.

That's what management is all about. Using limited resources on a time table to complete a project of importance.

The projects themselves may encompass a variety of activities. For instance, depending on the time management game, you might be called upon to construct a building, profitably serve restaurant customers, or harvest a valuable mineral resource.

These free time management games differ from pure concentration games. The primary skills in concentration games are attention and reaction time, with little emphasis on planning and management.

Time is a factor in concentration games, but choosing the best option among many possibilities, a management task, usually is not.

For example, Cube Field is a pure concentration game. You simply need to dodge obstacles to succeed. Time management games push your brain farther, to the limit.

Restaurant Management

online penguin game

Another subcategory of time management games involve profitably managing restaurant operations. For a restaurant to make money and be successful, the manager and his or her staff including servers must juggle many tasks under pressure of time.

Customers won't be pleased, for example, if food arrives at their table cold or takes too long to prepare. In restaurant games like Penguin Diner 2, your restaurant time management skills are put to the test.

If at first you do poorly managing the restaurants, keep practicing. You'll get better at decision making the more you put yourself in situations where you are forced to rapidly make mental calculations and correct choices.

You may then find yourself responding more quickly when multitasking and decision making scenarios present themselves at your job or in everyday life.

Construction Projects

Just today I met a fellow named Dave who builds and sells homes in my local community (true story). He is building a house across the street and already has a buyer.

I've watched as, in a few short weeks, the lot was cleared, the foundation poured, and the walls and roof have gone up. Clearly this man has experience managing time and resources! He told me that when he first started building homes years ago he made a lot of mistakes but has learned from them. Now he manages his time and resources well.

In a similar way, free time management games train you to manage resources under the pressure of time. In some stacking games, you need to stack the blocks in the required configuration to build a new section.

Of course, this isn't as rigorous as building an actual structure (nor is the cost of failure high), but as a game it does engage and help strengthen the same mental pathways.

Given a jumbled array of construction materials such as straight tubes, elbows, and other connectors, you have to quickly judge which components should be connected in which order, and you have to implement your design rapidly and efficiently.

Some of these management games overlap with other game categories such as concentration and memory games. That's a reflection of the fact that time management games are more complex than simpler games and strengthen a broader range of brain skills. These free time management games are engaging and fun, and they really give your brain a workout.

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Published: 10/31/2013
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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