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Play Fireboy and Watergirl online, for free! I've got 6 episodes of the famous video game series right here, unblocked, including Episode #6 - Fairy Tales.

Fireboy and Watergirl is a platform game. Help the two characters Fireboy and Watergirl work as a team to make it through each level. Fireboy can walk through hot stuff, and Watergirl likes water. Avoid the green goo, navigate obstacles, and solve puzzles to reach the exit.

There are six episodes of Fireboy and Watergirl online available on this page: #1 - Forest Temple (32 levels), #2 - Light Temple (40 levels), #3 - Ice Temple (37 levels), #4 - Crystal Temple (39 levels), #5 - Elements (more than 35 levels), and #6 - Fairy Tales (30 levels).

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game, at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Use the W-A-D keys to control Fireboy. Use the Left-Up-Right Arrow keys to control Watergirl. You can play by yourself solo or together with a friend on the same device.

Platform games like Fireboy and Watergirl train important brain skills, including concentration, logical reasoning, and reaction time. Play these games often to give your brain a boost!

Fireboy and Watergirl Online - Instructions

This Fireboy and Watergirl online game is an HTML5 game. It does not require the Adobe Flash player. If you like the Fireboy and Watergirl, you might enjoy the Run Game and Slope Game.

How to Play. As mentioned above, press the W-A-D keys to control Fireboy. Press the Left-Up-Right Arrow keys to control Watergirl.

Solve the puzzles in each level of Fireboy and Watergirl online, moving both characters from the entrance to the exit. Through the many levels, you'll encounter a variety of challenges including closed doors, ramps, elevators, traps, and much more.

The themes for each episode vary considerably. Here's a very brief summary of what's different about each episode:

1) Episode 1 - The Forest Temple. Fireboy and Watergirl are abandoned in the temple. They need to find the best way out, much like an obstacle course.

2) Episode 2 - The Light Temple. This episode introduces manipulation of light. Fireboy and Watergirl have to move mirrors to bounce light rays around the level.

3) Episode 3 - The Ice Temple. Fireboy and Watergirl have arrived at the Ice Temple at the North Pole. This is the first time they need to watch out for ice and its effects. Fireboy slides fast on ice. Watergirl gets bogged down and walks slow on ice.

4) Episode 4 - The Crystal Temple. This episode has the reputation of begin very difficult, perhaps because the crystal portals are confusing to figure out.

A crystal portal lets Fireboy or Watergirl teleport around the level. Portals may need to be activated by a button or a lever. Further, you can even teleport boxes and other objects. Same-color portals are linked. Be careful not to teleport your character into a pool of green goo!

5) Episode 5 - Elements. Unlike the other episodes, this one has multiple temples. There's a wind temple, ice temple, and fire temple. The wind temple has a giant floor fan to lift the characters; the fire temple has only lava pools, and the water temple has only water pools.

6) Episode 6 - Fairy Tales. In this latest episode, Fireboy and Watergirl need to enlist the help of glowing fairies to conquer the obstacles.

Final Thoughts on This Game

The six different episodes (more than 100 levels) of Fireboy and Watergirl online present various challenges including ramps, fixed obstacles, movable obstacles, levers, control buttons, and more.

Some obstacles affect one character more than the other. Use your brain power to figure out the best combination of moves to get past the obstacle. Whatever you do, don't let either Fireboy or Watergirl fall in the green goo (also known as green mud).

To finish a level, each character must stand in front of their exit door at the top of the level.

Be sure to collect the blue and red diamonds in each level as you go along for a high score. If you replay levels, notice the timer at the time. Try to beat your own best times.

Enjoy playing Fireboy and Watergirl online in your browser. There are many, many levels to solve to keep your brain occupied!

Published: 10/9/21
Last Updated: 10/9/21

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