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Check out these free Fruit Ninja online games. There are two here you can play in your browser anytime. These games are part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

In case you've never played Fruit Ninja, the concept is simple. Various pieces of fruit fly across the screen. Use your katana to quickly cut the fruit in half for points.

If you like Fruit Ninja, you might enjoy concentration games like Atari Asteroids and Jumper Frog.

Fruit Ninja Online - Instructions

Fruit Ninja trains important brain skills like concentration, reaction time, and visual acuity. Play these games often to give your brain a boost!

HOW TO PLAY. The concept is simple. Slice every piece of fruit in half. Miss three pieces of fruit, and the game is over.

This may sound simple, but that doesn't mean it is easy. You have to stay very focused, because lots and lots of fruit appears on the screen. And the fruit isn't there for long.

Make sure to only cut the fruit. If you see a bomb, don't cut that or you'll lose points.

In some of these games, you are on a timer. Cut as much fruit as you can in the time allowed.

Try for combos, too. In some versions of Fruit Ninja, cutting more than one fruit with a single swipe earns you extra points.

Finally, pay attention to the type of fruit. Some, like thick-skinned watermelon, may take more than one slice to cut. Compare that to a strawberry, for instance, which is easy to cut through.

On a desktop computer, use your mouse to slice the fruit. You can use your finger on mobile.

This page has three different versions of Fruit Ninja online. They are made by three different game developers.

You can play Fruit Ninja by BestGamesFreePlay, Fruit Blade by MarketJS, or Fruit Cut by PlayJolt. They all follow the basic Fruit Ninja rules but have different graphics and gameplay variations.

Some of the Fruit Ninja online versions have an in-game tutorial. For instance, Fruit Blade's goes something like this:

"Welcome, young grasshopper! Let me show you the fine art of Fruit Blade."

"That was a good cut! To advance your training, you must also know about combos."

"The oranges are at a good position now. Swipe over them quickly like this."

"Well done! Performing combos will score you more points than single cuts!"

"Look, it's a bomb! Try not to cut it, or it will blow up!"

"Your objective is to skillfully cut fruits to attain the highest score. Good luck!"

Fruit Ninja first game out in 2010 on smart phones. The game has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times. That's how addictive Fruit Ninja online games can be. Enjoy!

Published: 08/21/21
Last Updated: 08/21/21

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