Countdown from 100

by Brian
(Queens, NY, USA)

If you have an extra minute or two while waiting for something ( e.g. - microwaving food, on hold with a creditor, etc.), countdown from 100 by 3's... as fast as you can.

Doug's Reply. Thanks for this simple but great tip for training concentration. I often do this one myself!

There are usually many opportunities during the day to strengthen our brains. It just takes a little creativity sometimes, but the principle is always the same: find something that challenges your mind in a way that you're not used to.

If a particular brain exercise becomes too easy, change it around to make it harder. When counting down by 3's is no longer a challenge? Count back by 7's to make it strain your brain even more.

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Feb 22, 2012
Thanks For Your Great Idea!
by: Paige Connard

That's one of the few negative things I received after having my head injury was losing my memory of calculations that I did so well prior to, even though I really didn't like it that much! ;-)

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