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Below are links to all the online math multiplication games on this site. For times when you don't have access to a computer, I have also included some multiplication games you can play with cards or on paper.

All these games are free to play.

Math games train concentration, memory, and problem-solving ability. Knowledge of the basic multiplication table will serve you your entire life. Spend time to at least memorize the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.

The best way to memorize the multiplication table is rote practice. One great way to practice is using math flash cards, but sometimes it's nice to have some variety.

So thankfully we have the math multiplication games below that are not only enjoyable but excellent practice for remembering math multiplication facts.

Online Math Multiplication Games

Game #1: Baseball Multiplication

Baseball MultiplicationHow to Play. Baseball Multiplication tests your ability to quickly perform multiplication operations. Solve multiplication facts to score runs and win the game!

The baseball game starts with a score of 0 to something (you have zero, visitors have some number of runs already). To win, you need to score more runs than the visiting team's score. To score a run, get multiplication problems right to move your players around the bases to home plate just like in real baseball. Play free now.

Game #2: Farm Stand Math

Farm Stand MathHow to Play. You're at the local farmer's market, and you want to buy some apples and eggs. Multiply prices and quantities of apples and eggs then add them together for a simple but effective brain training exercise.

This math multiplication game forces you to perform more than one calculation in your head at once. This is excellent training for your short-term memory, because you have to hold the total cost of the apples in your memory as you calculate the cost of the eggs. Play free now.

Game #3: Lemonade Larry

Lemonade LarryHow to Play. You are a little boy running a lemonade stand. Each customer wants a different number of cups of lemonade, and you change your price per cup each time too.

Multiply number of cups by price per cup to determine the cost of lemonade for each customer. Type the answer in the Total Price box, then either click the Total button or press the ENTER key on your keyboard. Play free now.

Game #5: Multiplication Station

Multiplication StationHow to Play. Quickly click factor boxes to equal the displayed product. Click on the squares to multiple numbers so they equal the value in the "NUMBER" box on the right side of the game.

If you multiply the numbers fast enough, you will get bonus points. Remaining time, bonus time, and score are also displayed on the right. You lose points if you click numbers that don't multiply correctly to the target number you will have to start over, so be careful. Play free now.

Game #6: Multiply Aliens Attack

Multiply Aliens AttackHow to Play. Like the arcade classic Missile Command, your mission in Multiply Aliens Attack is to defend a city against aerial attack. Alien are trying to drop bombs on your buildings! To destroy the aliens, you need to quickly answer the multiplication and division expressions on the sides of the alien ships.

This game offers several levels of difficulty from Beginner to Impossible. Whether you're a student learning multiplication and division or an old-timer who wants a math challenge, Multiply Aliens Attack is a fun online math game. Play free now.

After playing these math multiplication games, try my Multiplication Speed Test to see how much you remember. You might also like my printable multiplication chart and printable math flash cards.

Math Multiplication Games with Cards

You don't need a computer to practice multiplication. Here are some ideas for offline multiplication practice.

Multiplication War (2 Player). Using a standard deck of cards, two people can practice their multiplication facts together. In Multiplication War, compete against a friend to see who can remember multiplication facts up to 10 times 10 the fastest.

Multiplication WarHOW TO PLAY. First remove all face cards from the deck. Then deal the remaining the cards face-down to yourself and your opponent. Each player should stack their cards in a pile, keeping the cards face down.

On the count of three, both players turn over (show) their top card at the same time. Each player then quickly computes the product of the two up-cards by multiplying the values together. The suite (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, or Clubs) is ignored.

The first person to shout out the correct answer wins the round and keeps the two cards. For example, suppose one player has the 7 of Clubs and the other player has the 4 of Diamonds. Because 7 times 4 equals 28, the first to shout "28" wins the hand.

Continue in this way through the rest of the cards. The player who collects the most cards is the winner. Two-Player Multiplication War is one of my favorite math multiplication games.

Note: You can practice multiplication facts up to 14 x 14 by writing 11, 12, 13, or 14 in the upper right corner of the face cards with a pen or permanent marker: Jacks (11), Queens (12), Kings (13), Aces (14).

Multiplication War (1 Player). If you don't have an opponent available, you can still use a deck of cards to test your knowledge of the multiplication table.

HOW TO PLAY. Remove the face cards from the deck. Shuffle the deck, then place the deck face-down. For each round of this multiplication game, draw two cards from the top of the deck and lay them face up.

As quickly as you can, multiply their values in your head and say the product out loud. If you wish, time yourself to see how long it takes you to go all the way through the deck.

Multiplication Jeopardy. You can make your own math multiplication game modeled on Jeopardy, the famous TV game show hosted for many years by Alex Trebek. In the show, contestants were required to phrase their answer in the form of a question.

Math multiplication games - Jeopardy   You can easily make multiplication flash cards that use the same format. Write a product on one side of each card, and on the other side write the factors in the form of a question.

For example, one card in the stack would have "54" on one side, and the question "What is 9 x 6, or 6 x 9?" on the other.

If you have a few friends available, such as in a classroom, several people can compete against each other.

Have one person can act as the host. The host will hold up one card at a time, showing the product side of the card (such as the "54" in the example at left).

Math multiplication games - Jeopardy
The contestants then quickly raise a hand as soon as they know the answer. As in Jeopardy, their answer must be phrased in the form of a question. You can even write down points for correct answers. That way you can name a winner at the end of the game.

You can practice this math multiplication game by yourself, of course. Just flip through the stack one card at a time. Say the answer out loud (in the form of a question, of course) without looking at the back of the card.

Some multiplication products have more than one possible answer. For instance, 54 is not only the product of 9 times 6, it is also the product of 27 times 2. To avoid confusion, announce in advance that only factors up to 12 can be used in an answer.

Math Flash Cards. While not really a "game", math flash cards are also a fun way to practice your knowledge of the math multiplication table. Here are examples of some of the cards in my multiplication flash card set:

Multiplication flash cardsA flash card is a small rectangular piece of paper that has a question on one side and the answer on the other. You can buy pre-made sets of cards or make your own. Pre-made math cards are available in all varieties including multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

The most common way to use math flash cards is to quickly go through the stack one card at a time and try to say the answer to each card out loud without first looking at the answer on the back. If you don't know the multiplication table very well, you can even start by putting the cards in order which makes it a lot easier to correctly guess (and learn) answers.

It's easy to find sets of math flash cards that go up to 12 x 12. To practice multiplication facts higher than that, you might need to make your own flash cards. I use regular 3" x 5" index cards for that purpose.

I hope the math multiplication games on this page are fun enough to hold your interest while you memorize and master basic multiplication facts. Being able to do simple math in your head without using a calculator as a crutch is an essential brain skill every educated person should acquire.

Published: 12/08/2011
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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