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Alpha Attack is a free fun typing game that improves your typing skill and exercises your brain. Protect houses, apartments, and other buildings from alphabet bombs by pressing letter keys as the bombs fall from the sky.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Free Fun Typing Game - Instructions

Note: Turn on your speakers to hear the sound effects.

After the game loads, click the PLAY button.

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HOW TO PLAY.  Alpha Attack is not a complex typing game. It's all about your typing skill.

Your goal in this fun free typing game is to prevent falling bombs from blowing up the buildings at the bottom of the game.

There are a number of levels you can complete such as Suburbia, Apartment Complex, Terraces, and New York.

Depending on your typing speed and accuracy, select the appropriate difficulty setting. You can choose Easy, Medium, or Hard.

I went straight for the Hard setting, because I spend hours a day typing on my computer and so have had plenty of typing practice.

Regular bombs fall in the first few levels. As you progress, more interesting types of bombs and rewards start to appear.

Accuracy is important. Every letter that you mistype reduces your bonus points at the end of the round.

Destroy all the letter bombs in a stage to get a 1,000 point bonus. You also get a bonus for each block of the city that remains at the end of the level.

Destroy the letters as late as possible to get a higher score (100 points maxium).

BONUS ROUNDS. During bonus rounds, your city can't be damaged because there is only water at the bottom of the screen. So get as many points as you can.

If you destroy all the letter bombs on a bonus round, you get a 10,000 point bonus.

Watch out for the Critter bombs. These are letters that chomp all the way through the building, straight down to the ground.

There are also bonus "bombs" that appear periodically for extra points.

If more letters are on the screen than you can type, press the Spacebar. This activates one of your panic bombs which destroys all the letters currently falling down the screen.

I've always enjoyed typing games. They are are always fast-paced, and I feel like I'm training an important skill that will be useful the rest of my life.

Typing games not only improve your typing skill, but also improve brain skills such as concentration, visual acuity, and reaction time. These brain skills help you in anything you do.

I hope you enjoyed playing this free fun typing game!

Published: 09/18/2010
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

Game distributed by Used with Permission.

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