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Here's a free bubble game to play. Use your bubble cannon to shoot bubbles into groups of three in a row or more based on color.

This game part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Free Bubble Game - Instructions

Note: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash game.

Like all bubble shooters, this free online bubble popping game trains brain skills such as concentration and visual perception. It's also a relaxing game, and just a lot of fun to play.

HOW TO PLAY. All bubble games, including this one, follow the same general rules. Very easy rules.

This bubble shooter can still be considered a brain game, though, because you need to carefully choose your target area at the top of the screen.

Your bubble cannon, located at the bottom of the screen, is preloaded with a colored bubble. Your job is to form three in a rows (or larger) by shooting the colored bubble ball toward the top of the screen. Try to clear the entire screen of bubbles.

There, as you'll notice, is a large collection of randomly colored balls stuck to each other and hanging from the top of the game.

Aim your bubble cannon, then click your mouse to fire the bubble. If you've aimed well, the bubble will join others of the same color. If three or more of the same color are stuck together, the same-color bubbles will pop and you'll get points.

Strategy & Tips

To get the most points, try to form combos with the most bubbles possible. For instance, popping a five of a kind earns you more points than a similar three of a kind.

However, if you aim poorly (or are a bit unlucky), the bubble you shoot will stick to bubbles of a different color. After this happens 7 times, the entire stack of bubbles at the top of the screen drops down a row.

The row of silver bubbles in the lower left indicates how many more misses are allowed before the stack descends again. When the lowest bubble in the stack reaches the level of your bubble gun, the game is over.

Also, a visitor named Dorothy provided the following helpful strategy tip: "If there are no bubbles of a certain color in the top row, when it drops down the next time, only bubbles of the other colors are added."

"Thus little by little you can reduce the number of colors from 6 down to 2, in which case it is easy to totally win the game. Therefore, your strategy should be to shoot for the top as much as possible."

Thanks, Dorothy!

RICOCHET. Every once in awhile in this free bubble game you'll notice a tempting group of bubbles at the top of the screen which are blocked from a direct shot by other bubbles and thus out of reach.

If there's a path open, you can actually ricochet (bounce) the bubble you shoot off the left or right wall.

Select the correct angle, and the bubble will bounce off the side and a hit the group of colored bubbles you're aiming for. It's a neat trick when it works.

To make this free bubble game more of a brain training workout, write down your high score each time. Then return to this game page every day for a week, and see if you can beat your high score from the day before.

Published: 11/07/2014
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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