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These free Tetris games online are fun, plus they train brain skills such as concentration, spatial orientation, and visual perception.

Tetris is one of the classic original computerized brain games. Rotate falling blocks to clear rows and complete levels.

Ready to play? Choose a Tetris game and get started!

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Game #1: Droptris

DroptrisAbout This Game. Droptris is a good Tetris game with lots of options. Play single, dual screen, or multiplayer! Tetris trains logical thinking and concentration.

Press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to move the pieces side to side. Press the Up Arrow key to rotate. The Down Arrow key is used to drop pieces faster.
Play free now.

Game #2: Tetris Arcade

Tetris ArcadeAbout This Game. This is a modern industrial style Tetris game. It has an energetic soundtrack to go with the action.

Change options such as difficulty, background music, and key functions to better suit your playing style.

Press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to move the pieces side to side. Press the Up Arrow key to rotate. The Down Arrow key is used to drop pieces faster.
Play free now.

Game #3: Tetris Classic

Tetris ArcadeAbout This Game. This is another classic remake of Tetris. It loads fast and is fun to play.

This version has 10 levels of Tetris fun. You can start on any of the levels you want.

Press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to move the pieces side to side. Press the Up Arrow key to rotate. The Down Arrow key is used to drop pieces faster.
Play free now.

Game #4: Tetris Fruit Drop

Tetris Fruit DropAbout This Game. Fun variation of classic Tetris. This version substitutes colorful fruit for the usual squares.

The fruits include blueberries, strawberries, oranges, plums, and green apples. There are ten fun levels for you to try.

I especially like the "splat" sound the fruit makes as it hits the top of the pile. =)

Press the Up Arrow key to rotate the fruit shapes as they fall. Press the Down Arrow key to drop them faster, Left and Right Arrows to move them side to side.
Play free now.

Game #5: Tetris Returns

Tetris ReturnsAbout This Game. This version is a basic Tetris knock-off that looks very similar in design to the original.

As with the other versions, use your Up Arrow key to rotate the shapes. Press the Down Arrow key to drop the shapes to the bottom quickly. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move the shapes side to side.

Ready to get started? Play free now.

Game #6: Tetris Two Player

Tetris Two PlayerAbout This Game. This is a very impressive version of Tetris that allows two players to compete against each other simultaneously.

Competition options include first to 100, 500, or 1000 points and Last Man Standing. This game also has other options such as level of difficulty, visual grid, and starting number of rows. Got your partner? Play free now.

Game #7: Original Tetris

Original TetrisAbout This Game. This original Tetris game knock-off has all the charm of the first Tetris including the original music.

This version allows you to skip ahead to more advanced levels. Just click the question mark button to see your options including key commands.

Anyone who remembers the original Nintendo Tetris will appreciate the look and feel of this version. This is one of my favorite free Tetris games online. Play free now.

If you liked these free Tetris games online, you might also enjoy the Super Stacker game.

FUN FACTS ABOUT TETRIS. After you've played these free Tetris games online, check out this Tetris trivia. Here are some interesting facts about Tetris from Wikipedia:

  • It was designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer engineer in Moscow, on June 6, 1984.
  • The name "Tetris" derives from the Greek "tetra-" meaning four segments plus "tennis", Pajitnov's favorite game.
  • Pajitnov's original version for the Elektronika 60 terminal computer used green brackets to represent the blocks.
  • By 1988, Pajitnov had granted his rights to the game to the Soviet Government. These rights reverted to Pajitnov in 1996.
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly's 100th issue ranked Tetris as the Greatest Game of All Time.
  • The shapes in Tetris are called "tetrominoes".
  • Music A in the Game Boy version is widely recognized as the Tetris theme song. It is an instrumental arrangement of a Russian folk tune called "Korobeiniki".

    Korobeiniki were peddlers with trays who sold men's clothing, fabric, books, and other small items in pre-revolutionary Russia.

  • According to research by Dr. Richard Haier, et al., prolonged Tetris activity can lead to more efficient brain activity during play.

No doubt about it, Tetris is a classic. I hope you enjoy playing these free Tetris games online!

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