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Want to play a maze online for free? Then get ready for Supaplex, one of the most challenging and iconic of maze puzzles ever made.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

This remake of the Supaplex maze game is free and online on this page.

This maze puzzle game has over 100 levels for you to solve.

Instructions to Play Maze Game Supaplex

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Once the maze game loads, click the Play button on the main menu screen to start the game.

Also on the main menu is a Help button to access a list of controls and in-game tutorials. Or click the Demo button to watch an example of maze game play.

HOW TO PLAY. This is a remake of the original Supaplex maze game published by Digital Integration for the Amiga computer in 1991. You play the character "Murphy" whose job is to remove the bugs from a computer.

To do this, you need to collect enough Infotrons to complete each level. But watch out for obstacles like Zonks (also called Stones), Electrons, Sniksnaks, and other hazards.

Use your keyboard arrow keys to move Murphy through the maze.


Infotrons look like three gray dots in a triangular formation with colored computer tape wrapped around them. Simply walk Murphy into an Infotron to collect it.

This maze game plays a bit like Pacman or DigDug. Play your way through each level, gathering Infotrons and avoiding obstacles, traps, and enemies.

Note: For more on the background of this amazing maze puzzle game, see The Supaplex Homepage by Elmer Productions.

Maze Game - Key Commands

main menu
Supaplex Main Menu

Press the 'H' (Help) key anytime to view a list of valid key commands. The maze map is wide from right-to-left. To drag the maze, hold down the left mouse button and slide your mouse.

To get back to the Supaplex main menu, press the ESC key to display the Options screen. Then click the Exit button to view the Levels screen. Then click the Back arrow (upper left of screen) to display the main menu screen.

As you play this maze game, you can save your progress (for that session only). Press 'S' to Save and 'L' to Load.

If Murphy gets blown up or squashed (and he will, this maze game is hard!), you can replay a level as many times as needed. If you get trapped during a playthrough, press 'R' to restart the level.

Some other useful key commands include 'P' (Pause), 'T' (Show/Hide Top Bar), and 'C' (Center the camera on Murphy after you've dragged the map).

IN-GAME TUTORIALS. There's a lot of complexity in this Supaplex maze game. Fortunately there are three built-in tutorials.

supaplex tutorial
Example: Supaplex Tutorial

I won't reproduce all the instructions here... please see the excellent tutorials instead.

To access a tutorial, click the Help button on the main menu screen, then click the Tutorials button. Click the right and left arrows to process through tutorial topics. Click the Play button on a tutorial to view it.

The in-game tutorials cover Basic Control, Stones, Eating with Spacebar, Pushing Stones, Rolling Stones and Infotrons, Pipes, Connected Pipes, Yellow Disks, Orange Disks, Groups of Three, Scissors, and much more.

Playing maze puzzle games like Supaplex is an excellent way to keep your brain sharp. Games like this train important brain skills like logical reasoning, visual perception, and reaction time.

You'll need every ounce of brain power to play all the maze levels in this online game, I promise you that.

Published: 03/15/2016
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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