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This fun Pacxon game combines Pacman with an online strategy game. The object is to wall off Pacman ghosts until 80% or more of the screen is filled with blue blocks.

This game is part of the free online brain games collection.

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Pacxon Game - Instructions

Pacxon is a fast-paced game that trains concentration and thinking speed.

Use your Arrow Keys to direct Pacman around the screen. To complete each level, block off sections until 80% of the screen is filled.

HOW TO PLAY. A line of blocks is laid down by Pacman as you move him around the screen. Guide your Pacman in straight lines on the grid to form complete squares and rectangles.

Completing four or more sides of a square or other rectanglular shape fills that space with blue blocks. Filling 80% or more of the screen with blocks completes the level. The difficulty of this Pacxon game increases as you complete levels.

Avoid the ghosts. You may recall from the classic Pacman arcade game and the Pacman Math game here on this site that ghosts actively chase Pacman. In this Pacxon game, the ghosts don't chase you. Instead they bounce around the screen randomly.

Don't let the ghosts touch Pacman or the trail of blocks behind him. You lose one life whenever a ghost does this.

pacxon ghost

CONTROLS. Guide your Pacman with the Arrow Keys. Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys to change directions. Pacman's speed is constant, although there is one power-up (the Cherries) that greatly increases his speed.

You'll do better at this Pacxon game if you employ a little strategy. One technique is to wall off the individual ghosts.

Wall off a ghost from the rest of the screen by building a block wall around the ghost. This strategy isolates the ghosts so they can't pester you while you fill in the rest of the screen.

POWER-UPS. There are four very useful power-ups that appear randomly during Pacxon. To activate a power-up, guide your Pacman over the power-up's symbol.

pacxon powerups

The four power-ups (images shown at right) include:

  • Yellow Ball. You can EAT the ghosts.

  • Cherries. Your Pacman moves much faster.

  • Bananas. The ghosts move much slower.

  • Popsicle. The ghosts are frozen and stop moving.

The power-up effects are temporary, so make good use of them while they last.

OTHER FEATURES. During game play, you need to keep track of the information displayed at the top of the screen: your score, remaining lives, and progress.

The Lives field displays how many Pacmans you have remaining. You start with 3 lives. Each time you or your block trail are touched by a ghost, you lose a life. You can earn extra lives by reaching high scores.

The Score field displays your total score for the game. The score increases each time you fill a portion of the screen with blue boxes.

The Progress field displays your current progress toward the "80% filled" threshold needed to move to the next level. For example, 20 / 80% means you're one-fourth of the way toward completing that level.

This Pacxon game can be quite fast-paced at times. You'll really need to concentrate, because it's necessary to continously track several ghosts moving in random directions. This is excellent training in visual perception, by the way.

And that's not all. While following the movements of the ghosts, you have to pay attention to the screen completion percentage and power-ups as they become available, as well as your strategy for walling off individual ghosts.

Those factors make this a powerful brain game that trains important brain skills. After playing this Pacxon game, you may feel more alert and focused. Play it often to give your brain a boost!

Published: 05/09/2014
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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