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You're not the only one who wants to play Zuma online! This game is popular.

The Flash version no longer works. However, the HTML5/Mobile version does work, and it's called The Sorcerer.

The HTML5/Mobile version works on desktop and tablets. It's the same type of game but made by a different game developer.

Instructions - How to Play Zuma Online

HOW TO PLAY. Shoot colored balls into position to make chains of three-of-a-kind or longer.

Choose your target positions quickly and carefully. That way you'll get the most points and have the best chance of completing each level. There is more strategy to this game than you might think.

Your objective is simple. Eliminate all balls from the screen before any of the balls go down the drain. To remove balls, make groups of three or more by color.

At the beginning of each level, a line of balls loads onto the tracks on the screen. The balls in the line are different colors, and their order is random. You are given one ball at a time to shoot at the line. Your ball is located in the mouth of the Zuma frog located in the center of the game.

To shoot a ball, first line up the frog's mouth with the part of the line you are aiming for. Click the left mouse button to shoot the ball. The ball will launch from the frog's mouth and stick in the line wherever you were aiming.

As you play Zuma online, think constantly about the most efficient way to eliminate the balls from the screen. This really is necessary, as each level is successively more difficult than the one before. If you fail to follow a smart strategy, you'll eventually reach levels that are too hard for you to complete.

COMBO SHOTS. As in other thinking games, like chess, one of the most important strategies in Zuma is to think ahead. While it may save time to shoot your ball to make the first group of three that you see, many times you can make "combo shots" that eliminate large numbers of balls from the line and score bonus points. Your main strategy, then, should be to look for these combos.

Combo shot example

Look at the example above. There is a red ball in the frog's mouth. You can see that I'm aiming towards a pair of red balls flanked by two pairs of yellow balls. This is a combo situation. As soon as I shoot the red ball to make a red three-of-a-kind, the three reds disappear, and the two pairs of yellow balls join together. The yellows, making a yellow four-of-a-kind, disappear as well.

So with one combination shot, I'll eliminate seven balls from the game. Plus I'll get combo shot bonus points.

LEVEL STATISTICS. At the completion of each level, a summary screen displays your stats. This screen shows the total time you took for all completed levels, the time for the level you just finished, and points you earned.

The screen also displays how many gaps in the line there were (when coins appear, you can shoot at them through gaps for even more bonus points), combo shots made, and the number of balls in the longest chain you removed.

One more tip: the color of the next ball is displayed as a small jewel on top of the frog's head. To switch from the active ball in the frog's mouth to the next ball, press the Spacebar.

It's fun to play Zuma online, and it's also a good workout for your brain. Remember, most brain games train specific mental abilities. So it's important to play a variety of games to make sure your brain training is well rounded.

Game distributed by Used with Permission.

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