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This Waffle anagram game trains verbal fluency and information processing. Find as many words in the puzzle as you can!

This game is part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Instructions - Waffle Anagram Game

Anagrams are a type of puzzle where you use the same letters to create different words.

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HOW TO PLAY. Start this game by clicking the triangle button on the home screen. Select your language, then click the PLAY button.

To play this game, drag your mouse across the letter tiles in the grid to form words.

Find as many words as you can in 2 minutes. The longer the word, and the higher the point value of each letter, the higher the score. The minimum word length is three letters.

Letters have to be next to each other to be used in a word. They do not have to be in a straight line. You can drag vertically and/or horizontally but not diagonally.

Most regular words should work in the puzzle. Personal names and slang words mostly won't be accepted.

Point Values

anagram puzzle

For example, the word "FUN" is recognized and when I tested was worth 36 points. The word "Max" (a person's name) is not accepted.

The point value of a word is calculated automatically. You point total displays on the notepad on the right side of the game.

The value of each letter is displayed on the letter tile. Similar to Scrabble, some letters are worth more than others.

However, in this game the letter tile values vary even among the same letter. For example, you might see one E worth 2 points, while another E in the grid is worth 3 points.

The value of a word is calculated by multiplying the sum of the value of the letter tiles multiplied by the number of letters in the word.

For example, suppose you form the word BUG, where the B is worth 4 points, the U is worth 4 points, and the G is worth 3 points.

The total value of those tiles is 4 plus 4 plus 3, which is 11. There are three letters in that word, so the value of the word BUG is 11 x 3 = 33 points.

You can mute the sound in this Waffle anagram puzzle game by clicking the speaker icon in the upper right corner of the game.

This game is available in six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. The language selection screen appears when you start the game.

Word games like this Waffle anagram game strengthen important brain skills like memory, verbal fluency, and information processing. Play these games often to keep your brain sharp!

Published: 04/10/2020
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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