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by Sara

I can't give answer to any question quickly. I think about it, then I conclude the answer. Even simple questions, and if I try to answer quick or do some thing, I always do it wrong.

Doug's Reply. I'm not exactly sure I understand what you are describing. If someone asks you the day of the week (example: Tuesday), you say the wrong day if you answer quickly?

If that's the case, then simply don't rush when responding to questions. There is nothing wrong with being deliberate.

In our fast-paced world, a quick answer is sometimes equated with higher intelligence. And, I admit, for some professions such as a stock exchange trader a rapid response might be an asset or a requirement.

But most people can afford to take a little time when answering questions. Your listener shouldn't be overly concerned if your reply comes a second or two later than they expected. Especially if that means they receive an accurate response to their query.

The point is, try to slow down. Give your mind time to access the information. It's almost always more important to give a correct answer the first time than to blurt out a wrong answer.

Beyond that, take steps to improve the health of your brain. These include:

  • Get sufficient restful sleep

  • Exercise aerobically every day

  • Exercise your mind with brain games

  • Meditate to relax and rejuvenate your mind

  • Eat a healthy diet, and drink plenty of water

  • Use organizational tools such as day planners and calendars to keep track of daily tasks

  • Learn and practice memory techniques so you can easily memorize information you really need to remember

These topics are discussed right here on my website. Just click the buttons on the left-hand navigation bar.

Take good care of your brain so it can function at an optimum level. If you do, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Best regards,

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