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 This page lists the free memory games on this website. Scroll down to see the list.

For any game that interests you, click the link in the description to go to that game. They are free to play, just like all the other brain games on my site.

This free memory games list includes a mixture of types of memory games. Some are concentration card games, while others help you remember people's faces.

There are also games that test your memory of general knowledge and some that strengthen working memory. The games are listed in alphabetical order.

Memory Game #1: Ben 10 Monster Cards

Ben 10 MemoryHow to Play. Use your memory skill to help young Ben 10 defeat all the monsters. In this game, you need to remember the locations of pairs of cards. Turn over the all the pairs of monster cards before the timer runs out.

This game includes three challenging levels of Ben 10 concentration cards plus an energetic sound track. Good luck! Play free now.

Memory Game #2: Brain Power Zoo

Brain Power ZooHow to Play. Memorize the names of animals arranged in order from left to right. Click the animals in the same order without making a mistake. This is a well made game with an appealing design.

Brain Power Zoo will push your short-term memory to the limit. As you progress through the levels, you must remember longer sequences of animals. Play free now.

Memory Game #3: Brain Sequencer

Brain SequencerHow to Play. Brain Sequencer is a classic Simon-type memory game. Remember and repeat sequences of colors as they are presented.

This game also trains short-term memory. The better you do, the longer the sequences become. Remembering 7 or more in a row means you have an above average short-term memory. Play free now.

Memory Game #4: Burger Builder

Burger BuilderHow to Play. Help the cook by building as many burgers as you can. But be sure you build the burgers in the exact order as shown on the cook's chart.

Burger Builder is a cute game with a simple interface. It sure does train your memory, though. Anyone who has worked in the restaurant business should ace this game. Play free now.

Memory Game #5: Copy Cat Jack

Copy Cat JackHow to Play. Copy Cat Jack is another Simon memory game. This one includes both animal button and animal sounds.

Compared to Brain Sequencer, Copy Cat Jack gives you two brain pathways to remember the sequences: 1) audible (animals sounds) and 2) visual (button sequences). Play free now.

Memory Game #6: Face Memory

Face MemoryHow to Play. Face Memory is not the fanciest of these free memory games, but it may help you remember people's faces. Scramble the face on the screen, then reconstruct it from memory.

Not only can this game help you with faces, playing it can also help your improve mental focus, attention, and concentration. Play free now.

Memory Game #7: Flipped Out

Flipped OutHow to Play. Flipped Out is a very well-made concentration card game. Memorize the locations of pairs of cards, then click the pairs in order to remove them from the board.

This game has multiple levels of challenges. See how far you can get! Play free now.

Memory Game #8: Ice Cream Stand

Ice Cream StandHow to Play. Ice Cream Stand may not have a fancy interface, but it will definitely give your short-term memory a workout. Remember the ice cream flavors ordered by each customer, and server them what they ask for.

Most people can only hold about five to nine items in short-term memory. Play this game and other free memory games like it to strengthen yours. Play free now.

Memory Game #9: Lightning Librarian

Lightning LibrarianHow to Play. Lightning Librarian is seriously one of my favorite brain games. If you give it a chance, this game will train your brain to remember the locations of items.

Quickly retrieve the type of book the students ask for. If you waste too much time (i.e., if you forget where the books are shelved), the students get mad and leave in a huff. Play free now.

Memory Game #10: Mario Memory

Mario MemoryHow to Play. Reveal the hidden image of Mario by removing pairs of cards from the screen. This is another concentration card game that trains short-term memory. Play this game every day for a week or more, and you should notice your short-term memory getting stronger.

You can't waste too much time, either. There's a timer in the upper right that will run out if you don't remove all the pairs of cards fast enough. Play free now.

Memory Game #11: Match 'Em

Match 'EmHow to Play. Match 'Em is a concentration card game without too many frills. Like the others, you need to remember the locations of pairs of cards. Then, using your memory, remove each pair from the board to increase your score.

Short-term memory is used by everyone in everday tasks. So there's no excuse not to train it! Play free now.

Memory Game #12: Memory Test

Memory TestHow to Play. Memory Test is a well-made Simon memory game. Remember the color of every brick shown to you. It's tricky, because the order that the colored bricks are shown is not the same order that you will be asked to recall them.

This is another one of those free memory games that helps improve short-term memory. Good luck! Play free now.

Memory Game #13: Pattern Memory

Pattern MemoryHow to Play. As the name implies, Pattern Memory is a visual game that tests your ability to remember patterns. The patterns start out easy, with few blocks, but they rapidly get more difficult.

This is one of my favorite pattern memory games. Simple, but well-made and effective. Play free now.

Memory Game #14: Perfect Match

Perfect MatchHow to Play. Here's another concentration card game, this time with playing cards. I find this game fairly challenging, and hopefully you will too.

Perfect Match is on a timer. This means you can't waste time guessing - you really do need to quickly memorize the locations of the cards. Play free now.

Memory Game #15: Quic Pic Memory

Quic Pic MemoryHow to Play. This is another well-made concentration card game, this time with a flower them. Memorize the locations of pairs of cards, then turn the pairs over one by one to clear the board.

Concentration card games have been used for generations to help train the short-term memory of those who invest the time to play them. Play free now.

Memory Game #16: School Supply Snap

School Supply SnapHow to Play. Like the Lightning Librarian game, School Supply Snaps is one of the free memory games that strengthens your ability to remember the locations of items. This time your job is to memorize the locations of schools supplies.

Retrieve school supplies for students, but don't dawdle, or the kids will leave in frustration. Play free now.

Memory Game #17: Simon Memory

Simon MemoryHow to Play. Here's another Simon-type memory game. Memorize the sequence of flashing buttons, then repeat the sequence by clicking them. You can mess up three times before it's game over.

Brain Sequencer has only four different colored buttons, but this version has seven! Of the different Simon games on this free memory games list, this one gets challenging really quickly. Play free now.

Memory Game #18: Trivial Pursuit Blitz

Trivial Pursuit BlitzHow to Play. This game gives you a taste of the Trivial Pursuit TV show. Like the show, you're asked to remember facts of general knowledge from your memory.

This game has the categories just like the TV show, two. This is a "blitz" version, so it doesn't take very long to play. Play free now.


This free memory games page is a great resource for anyone interested in improving their memory. For best results, I recommend playing these games for at least 10-15 minutes a day.

Published: 02/20/2012
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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