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Welcome to Memory Improvement Tips!

My name is Douglas, and I built this website to help you improve your memory. Along the way, I'll also show you how to strengthen related brain skills like concentration, problem solving, thinking speed, and verbal fluency.

Here you'll discover ideas, techniques, and tools you can use right away. Whether you are a student, career professional, or retired Baby Boomer, there's valuable information and resources here for you.

Memory-Improvement-Tips.com has helped lots of people learn faster and remember more. Since 2006, over 20 million visitors have explored this site.

To specifically elevate your memory strength, I'll show you ways to boost your natural memory ability. I also explain how to strengthen your trained memory. Developing these two areas is the secret to memory improvement.

Why I'm Passionate About Memory & Brain Power

So much to remember, so little time

About Me. I've been fascinated by memory for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I noticed how some of my peers seemed gifted with a superior memory.

I'm smart, but my natural memory is average. That's why I've dedicated the last several years to finding the best ways I can improve it. And I've come to realize there are people everywhere who aren't satisfied with their memory.

I'm not a doctor or mental health professional. I am a self-taught enthusiast knowledgeable about memory improvement. I am passionate about this topic because it affects me personally.

(The information on this site is not medical advice, by the way. Consult your doctor about medical issues.)

I've shared my discoveries with you throughout this website. By spreading this knowledge, I hope to empower you to strengthen your mental abilities and achieve more in life.

My purpose in creating this website is to provide you with tools and methods you can use to improve your brain power and memory. It is my hope that by using the resources on this site, you can more ably manifest your own purpose in life, whatever that may be.

My Education & Background. Like many folks, I bounced around before finding what I truly enjoy doing. Simply put, I love helping people learn how to learn and remember.

After receiving my B.S. in Mathematics from Tulane University in 1990, I tried careers in dentistry and environmental science before settling on technical writing. I have over 15 years experience as a technical writer in the computer industry and as a freelance writer.

I continue my formal education by taking free online college courses. You should consider this too.

Why is it critical to be a life-long learner? From the cognitive science perspective, continual learning reinforces neural networks and deepens the brain's cognitive reserve.

Solving problems and broadening your knowledge base through studying boosts intellect and memory. It also provides a protective buffer against age-related memory loss.

My web skills are self-taught, and I built this site myself. That why I'm doubly proud of Memory-Improvement-Tips.com.

How I Built This Site

sbi block builder
SBI's Block Builder software

If there's a topic you know and love, consider building a website so you can share what you know with the world. I was able to do it, and I bet you can too.

With the right tools and a plan, it's possible for just about anyone to create a website these days. Obviously you need to have a good idea and be willing to invest time and effort to make it a success.

In my case, I used Solo Build It (SBI!) online software to make the pages for this website and build up the traffic. Plus my "brain, attitude, and motivation", of course!

If you've ever wanted to create your own website, and maybe earn some extra money while doing it, my advice is to follow your dream and just go for it. I highly recommend using SBI to lay a strong foundation for the success of your site.

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How to Use This Website

better memory

If this is your first visit to Memory-Improvement-Tips.com, head over to the Get a Better Memory page.

There, you'll find an overview of the many ways you can boost your memory. These include Brain Foods, Study Skills, Memory Techniques, and much more.

Want to search the site? Try the Site Search tool. Type in keywords and click the Search button.

Looking to play free online "brain games"? Go to my Brain Games main page. You'll find a drop-down Games menu near the top with links to all the brain games.

Here are a few examples of the games and brain skills they train:

Scrabble Online Free
Brain Game: Scrabble Sprint

The hundreds of online brain games on this site are free for anyone to play anytime. No logging in, just go to the game page and start playing!

How to Cite My Articles

Are you writing a research paper, newspaper article, or other document and need to cite an article on this website? Below are the suggested citation formats.

I am the author of all the pages on this website, except for a handful of articles by guest authors. Articles written by a guest (such as this one) always include the guest's byline near the title.

So if a page doesn't have an author's name listed, I wrote that page and you can include my name in the citation. Following are the MLA, APA, and Chicago formats for citations, using my article, To Remember More, Read Out Loud (to Someone) as an example:

  • MLA. Jobes, Douglas. "To Remember More, Read Out Loud (to Someone)." Memory-Improvement-Tips.com. [current date in dd month yyyy format]. <www.memory-improvement-tips.com/read-out-loud.html>.

  • APA. Jobes, Douglas. ([current date in yyyy, month dd format]). To Remember More, Read Out Loud (to Someone). Memory-Improvement-Tips.com. Retrieved [current date in month dd, yyyy format] from www.memory-improvement-tips.com/read-out-loud.html

  • Chicago. Jobes, Douglas. "To Remember More, Read Out Loud (to Someone)." Memory-Improvement-Tips.com. www.memory-improvement-tips.com/read-out-loud.html (accessed [current date in month dd, yyyy format]).

If you need to create some other type of citation or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Top Posts on This Site

Another great way to get started at Memory-Improvement-Tips.com is this selection of Top Posts. They reveal unusual tips and secrets about memory improvement you may not know about. Use them to start improving your memory today.

#1 - Best Study Skills. Students and adult learners of all kinds can learn faster and remember more by using proven study methods of Dr. Kenneth Higbee, author of Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It. I've summarized the best of Dr. Higbee's insights in this detailed page on how to study more effectively.

Use image hooks to improve memory

#2 - Use Image Hooks to Improve Memory. Ancient Greek and Roman orators who memorized their speeches understood the power of using mental images as "hooks" for retrieving memories. Most people primarily engage their left brain's non-visual, textual memory to encode and recall information. But the right-brain's visual memory may be even more reliable. Use both together to double your memory strength.

#3 - Speed Reading Tricks: Read Faster, Remember More. Speed reading has been around for decades. That's because it works! Despite crazy claims you may have heard, it's true that reducing fixations and regressions in your reading can greatly increase your reading speed and comprehension of the material. In this post I lay out a few simple tricks you can use to start reading faster today.

green tea boosts memory

#4 - Green Tea Boosts Memory. Green tea has many health benefits, including anti-cancer properties. But did you know it helps boost memory and brain function? Research shows natural chemicals in green tea stimulate the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain critical for memory formation and retrieval. Green tea also strengthens connections between neurons. You won't be surprised to learn I drink a pitcher of green tea a day.

#5 - Improve Your Concentration. You can't remember what doesn't enter your awareness. Concentration is your sustained focus and intention, sometimes called "attention". The tricks and techniques described in this post may improve your ability to concentrate. The more fully you concentrate, the deeper your awareness of the material - and the stronger your memory of it will be.

There are many more surprising and useful memory improvement tips on this website. The 5 above are just to whet your appetite!

Interact with Me and Other Visitors

Questions, comments, or feedback about this site? Send me an email through the form on my Contact Me page.

You can also post your thoughts about specific pages in the Comments section at the bottom of most pages on this site. Here's what the Comments section looks like:

Comments Box

To enter Comments, log in to your Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail account. Then type your comments directly on the page. (I moderate comments before they go live.)

Your brain power and memory are not fixed quantities. You can improve both by learning memory skills and improving the health of your brain.

It's my goal to help you learn faster and remember more in every area of your life. This website shows you the way.

Best regards,

Douglas Jobes

Founder, Memory-Improvement-Tips.com

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