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The Bloons games on this page train logic and concentration. Complete each level by aiming your darts to pop the most balloons.

These games are part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a new window.

Balloon-pop games are physics puzzlers. Aim the dart with the perfect angle and power to pop the balloons on the screen.

Bloons Game Instructions

Concentration games like these train important brain skills including focus, concentration, and attention span.

NOTE: The instructions below are for the old Adoble Flash version of the game.

This game includes 50 levels of free Bloons fun!

Before the game starts you have to watch a short commercial first. Sorry about that, there's no way around it.

You can skip the commercial after 20 seconds by clicking the "Play Game" button once it loads in the lower right. Then click the NEW GAME button to start playing.

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HOW TO PLAY.  In Bloons, you are a monkey with a dart gun. Up in the sky are a number of colorful balloons that you are just dying to pop with your gun.

The problem is that you only get a certain number of darts per level, and extra darts do not carry over to the next level.

To pop balloons, use the mouse to first carefully aim the dart gun to give the best trajectory. Then, hold down and release the left mouse button to determine how much power the gun will use on the next shot.

The longer you hold down the button, the higher and farther the dart will fly. To complete each level, you need to pop a specified number of balloons.

You don't need to pop every balloon. So a good strategy is to calculate the path of your darts to pop as many balloons as possible with each shot. In other words, shoot every dart through the thickest concentration of balloons remaining.

bloons game info
Bloons information bar

The information bar at the bottom of the game screen shows various statistics of interest. The most important is your Target, which is the number of balloons you must pop on the current level to move to the next level.

The info bar also shows what level number you are on, the number of special balloons popped, your score, and how many darts you have.

On some levels of this Bloons game, there are special balloons that provide you with useful benefits when popped. I'm not going to tell you what the special balloons do; that's for you to discover.

Other levels have obstacles such as walls that you need to shoot your darts over or bounce at an angle.

If you fail to complete a particular level, you can reset the level without having to start the game over.

To restart the level, click the RESET LEVEL button on the info bar. And if for some reason you want to return to the main menu screen, click the MAIN MENU button.

Tired of running out of darts? You can play Bloons in unlimited darts mode, for free. Never run out of darts on any level again.

To have an endless supply of darts, place a checkmark in the "Unlimited Darts Mode" box on the Select Level screen. That's the first screen that displays when you open the game.

As you may know, this Bloons game has been one of the most popular flash games on the web, and on this website, for several years. It's not only fun to play, it's also good for your brain!

Published: 06/11/2011
Last Updated: 03/17/2022

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