Tiredness at work

by Venkatesh Krishna

I am an advocate (lawyer); my problem is that I feel tired when I talk to my clients or my case preparation and used to be seen lazy; what is the reason?

Doug's Reply. I don't know you, of course, but you seem to lack energy and motivation.

These are common symptoms of the hectic lives that many of us lead. I would imagine that the work of a lawyer in particular can be especially challenging.

Here are a few causes of tiredness and lack of motivation you may want to consider:

  • "Burn Out". Professionals who work too many hours for too many years sometimes lose the enthusiasm they once had for their careers. If this is the case, taking a vacation or cutting back on work hours could help.

  • Disillusionment. Hopefully you became an advocate for a nobler reason than making money. As I discovered years ago when I tried to become a dentist, a desire for money is not always enough to bring happiness and motivation when difficult work is involved.

  • Poor Health. Have you been eating and sleeping well? Have you been getting enough exercise? Lack of care for the body and mind can lead to low energy. Improve these areas and see whether that makes a difference.

Try changing your focus. While at work, instead of thinking about how tired you are, try harder to empathize with your clients and their situations. They have come to you for assistance in solving a problem in their lives. Help them!

Become a "giver". In every case, give more than what is expected. Surprise them by the value that they get from hiring you.

Worry less about the money; focus on providing the very best help to each client that you can. The beautiful truth is that if you do this, the money will come too.

Do this for awhile in a genuine manner, and I think you will find more interest in your work. This in turn should lead to increased motivation.

And don't neglect your physical side. Start eating healthier. Get more restful sleep. Do at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, even if it's just going for a fast walk.

Excessive negative energy often creates a negative energy loop that is debilitating. To escape, you must flip the cycle to positive energy. Dig deep within yourself, think about this, and you will know what to do.

Best regards,

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