Memory Skills: Use Memory Techniques

Memory skills are amazing techniques you can use to boost your memory performance to a level you never thought possible. A healthy brain is like a powerful, well-tuned engine. But driver training is required to operate that high-performance car with skill and precision.

Some of these techniques have been literally known literally for 2,000 years. These memory systems are proven... simply ask any orator of ancient Rome who would've been ashamed to give a stirring speech using written notes. For some reason, in modern times we've ignored the bounty of memory devices honed and proven for hundreds of years.

Other methods, like journaling, are a more oblique way to boost your memory power. But they can help you, too.

Most people today aren't aware of the methods. That means these techniques can become your superpower. The following are skills you can learn and use:

  1. Journal Writing. The habit of keeping a journal can help strengthen your memory of the events in your life, also known as episodic memory.

  2. Memory Systems. For memorization, use the Memory Systems such as the Peg, Journey, Memory Palace, Name-Face, and Phonetic Number methods. These systems involve using the visualization memory technique.

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  4. Mental Exercises. Weave memory exercises into your daily routine to strengthen your memory.

  5. Mental Snapshots To improve your episodic memory of events, take a mental snapshot of important scenes and special moments.

  6. Mnemonic Tricks. Use mnemonic devices such as Rhymes and Acronyms as extra memory techniques when convenient.

  7. Speed Reading. Increase your average reading speed, to improve your comprehension and memory of the material.

  8. Study Skills. Use study skills during study sessions to retain more of the material. Examples include Whole/Part Learning, Reducing Interference, and Recitation. (Especially reciting out loud to another person.)

Continually improve your brain health and use the memory skills listed above, and your memory should grow stronger and stronger over time.


Published: 1/30/2022
Last Updated: 1/30/2022

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