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Memorize the list of 2 letter Scrabble words below to improve your success at Scrabble! Or at least keep this list handy as a reference.

I have crossed-checked each of these words using the Official Scrabble Dictionary.

Many of these words are quite odd, and not words you would normally use in a conversation. But they are official, and you can use them in regular Scrabble play.

Following each 2 letter Scrabble word, I have included the definition. By knowing the definition, you can seem even more intelligent if someone questions your use of the word during a game.

Note: This page was last updated 22 Oct 2015, with the addition of DA, GI, PO, and TE to the list.

The List:

AA - rough, cindery lava
AB - an abdominal muscle
AD - an advertisement
AE - one
AG - relating to agriculture
AH - exclaim in amazement (aah)
AI - a three-toed sloth
AL - an East Indian tree
AM - present 1st person sing. of "be"
AN - used before words beginning with a vowel sound
AR - the letter R
AS - to the same degree
AT - in the position of
AW - used to express protest, disgust, or disbelief
AX - to work on with an ax (a type of cutting tool)
AY - aye
BA - the eternal soul, in Egyptian mythology
BE - to have actuality
BI - a bisexual
BO - a pal
BY - a pass in certain card games
DA - dad (New)
DE - of, from; used in names
DO - the first tone of the diatonic musical scale; to complete
ED - education
EF - the letter F
EH - used to express doubt or surprise
EL - an elevated railroad or train
EM - the letter M
EN - the letter N
ER - used to express hesitation
ES - ess; the letter S
ET - a past tense of eat
EX - to cross out
FA - the fourth tone of the diatonic musical scale
FE - a Hebrew letter
GI - a martial arts garment (New)
GO - to move along; a Japanese board game
HA - a sound of surprise
HE - a male person
HI - used as a greeting
HM - a sound used when thinking (hmm)
HO - a prostitute
ID - a part of the psyche
IF - a possibility
IN - to be inside; to harvest
IS - present 3rd person sing. of "be"
IT - the 3rd person sing. neuter pronoun
JO - a sweetheart
KA - the spiritual self of a human in Egyptian religion
KI - the vital force in Chinese thought
LA - the sixth tone of the diatonic musical scale
LI - a Chinese unit of distance
LO - used to attract attention or express surprise
MA - mother
ME - the objective case of the pronoun "I"
MI - the third tone of the diatonic musical scale
MM - used to express assent or satisfaction
MO - a moment
MU - a Greek letter
MY - the possessive form of the pronoun "I"
NA - no; not
NE - born with the name of
NO - a negative reply
NU - a Greek letter
OD - a hypothetical force of natural power
OE - a whirlwind off the Faeroe islands
OF - coming from
OH - to exclaim in surprise, pain, or desire
OI - expression of dismay (oy)
OM - a mantra used in contemplation of ultimate reality
ON - on top of; side of the wicket where batsman stands in cricket
OP - a style of abstract art
OR - opposite; the heraldic color gold
OS - an orifice; an esker; a bone
OW - used to express sudden pain
OX - a clumsy person; a hoofed mammal
OY - used to express dismay or pain
PA - a father
PE - a Hebrew letter
PI - a Greek letter; to jumble or disorder
PO - a chamber pot (New)
QI - the vital force that in Chinese thought is inherent in all things
RE - the second tone of the diatonic musical scale
SH - used to urge silence
SI - the seventh tone of the diatonic musical scale (ti)
SO - preposition; fifth tone of diatonic musical scale
TA - an expression of gratitude
TE - the musical note ti (New)
TI - the seventh tone of the diatonic musical scale
TO - in the direction of
UH - used to express hesitation
UM - used to indicate hesitation
UN - one
UP - to raise
US - the objective case of the pronoun "we"
UT - the musical tone C now replaced by "do"
WE - 1st person pl. pronoun in the nominative case
WO - woe
XI - a Greek letter
XU - a monetary unit of Vietnam
YA - you
YE - you
YO - used to call attention or to express affirmation
ZA - a pizza

While I can't guarantee that these are all the allowable 2 letter Scrabble words, this is surely the vast majority. If you play Scrabble often, you may want to consider memorizing this list.

In fact, knowing the allowable 2 letter Scrabble words can be a key to success when up against other experienced players. Besides the 2 letter Scrabble words, you might also want to memorize the allowable 3 letter words although that list is much longer.

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