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This Space Word Search is a fun way to train your brain. Find the outer space words hidden in the puzzle. Play free online or print it out.

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Space Word Search Instructions

For more word search puzzles, see the Free Online Word Searches page.

HOW TO PLAY.  Find all the words hidden in the letter grid. The words you need to find are listed to the right of the puzzle.

When you find a word, cross the word out by dragging your mouse across the letters of the word. Words can be forward, backward, or at a diagonal.

If you cannot find a word, click the Hint button. The first letter of one of the words in the word search flashes as your clue. You can only use this once.

SPACE COLONIZATION & SETTLEMENT. Anyone concerned about humanity's future should consider the importance of expanding civilization outward into space. Our Earth is filling up fast, but the universe and the resources in it are infinite.

The problem is that building space transportation systems and permanent settlements in space is incredibly expensive and no one (yet) wants to pay for it. Alan Wasser, former CEO of the National Space Society, has proposed a fascinating bit of legislation that would allow land claims on the moon and Mars to finance the cost of the space infrastructure necessary for the people of Earth to settle the solar system. Check out his Space Settlement Initiative proposal. Some serious food for thought.

SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT SPACE. Last night I saw a show on the History Channel that explained the latest theory about the origin and structure of the universe. Known as the Membrane Theory (a.k.a. "M" Theory), it might be the "theory of everything" that physicists since Albert Einstein have been searching for.

The math seems to work, so scientists are really excited. Here are some facts about M Theory that will probably blow your mind:

  • According to M Theory, the universe we live in is not the only universe. Beside our universe exist an infinite number of parallel universes. We, in fact, live in a "multiverse".
  • You may think there are only three dimensions (length, width, height) or maybe four if you count time. In fact, there are exactly 11 dimensions. We simply cannot perceive the extra ones.
  • You may have heard of String Theory, which was the rage in the 1990's. M Theory absorbs String Theory (which itself described exactly 10 dimensions) adding the 11th dimension.
  • Instead of particles or strings, the universe is actually a giant "membrane" floating in the 11th dimension with infinite other membrane universes.
  • The cause of the Big Bang is now believed to be known. The Big Bang occurred when two membrane universes in the 11th dimension collided about 14 billion years ago.

I am not making this up. You can read more about M Theory on Wikipedia.

Word searches are one of my favorite types of puzzle. I hope you enjoy this Space Word Search!

Published: 01/02/2011
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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