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kids math game
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Looking for a free kids math game for your child to practice multiplication skills? Or maybe you just want to brush up on your own math skills?

Here's Space Racer Multiplication, a fun online game for practicing multiplication facts.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link or PLAY GAME button under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Instructions - Kids Math Game

Answer multiplication questions to guide your rocket through the asteroid field.

The better you do, the faster the game gets. It's quite a mental workout!

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HOW TO PLAY. This Space Racer Multiplication game is a fun way to practice basic multiplication from the 12 by 12 times table.

Testing your knowledge with multiplication flash cards is a good way to memorize multiplication facts. But playing a space game that tests your memory of the times table is a lot more fun.

The goal of this kids math game is simple. Control your rocket by typing in the answer to the multiplication facts shown on the screen.

Answer the math expression on the left to move your rocket left. Answer the math expression displayed on the right to move your rocket to the right.

Move your rocket left and right to avoid asteroids as they descend from the top of the screen.

STRATEGY. I found this game a little difficult at first. Not because I don't know my basic multiplication facts (I do!), but because it was awkward typing in the answers fast enough.

After playing this kids math game a few minutes, I figured out a couple of tricks you might find helpful:

  • Use the numeric keypad on your computer, rather than the number keys above the letters. Type your answer using the numeric keypad, then press the Enter key on the numeric keypad to input your answer into the game.

  • kids math game
    My Score
  • Think of the answers before the asteroids get close. At first, I'd wait until the asteroids were half way down the screen before I'd look at the multiplication facts on the screen.

    However, I realized that I would do better holding the left and right answers in my short-term memory for a few moments.

    Then, when an asteroid appeared in the left or right column, I was immediately able to type the answer on the numeric keypad without any delay.

  • Always move your rocket back to the center of the screen. After avoiding an asteroid in the center by moving left or right, re-center in the middle.

    In my opinion, it is easier to dodge one step left or one step right than two lefts or rights.

I keep referring to this as a kids math game. That's because it's usually children who are in the midst of learning basic math facts.

However, if you are an adult who never quite perfectly learned the 12 x 12 multiplication table, this is a chance to practice by playing a fun game. Give it a try!

Don't be discouraged if Space Racer Multiplication seems hard at first.

You'll get better. Plus, keep in mind you're training your brain at the same time.

In addition to math skills, this game trains important brain skills like attention, visual perception, and reaction time.

Brain games, just like physical exercise, need to be challenging for there to be any benefit. Keep practicing, and work to improve your scores.

Published: 11/22/2015
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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Game distributed by Used with Permission.

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