Free Brain Games for Kids

These brain games for kids are fun, and they also train memory, concentration, problem-solving, and other brain skills.

Like all the online games on this website, these games are free to play anytime without logging in and without restrictions. Just pick a game page and start playing.

There are lots of brain games on this site, but I selected these 10 games as a good starting point for children.

All the games on this site are family friendly, but these are especially appropriate for youngsters.

You might think the hundreds of other games in the "Free Brain Games" list on the right are fun too. To each his own! Play the games you like.

Game #1: Bejeweled

BejeweledHow to Play. Bejeweled is one of the most well-known brain games for kids, and adults like it too! Bejeweled is a colorful, easy game that helps build concentration and spatial thinking.

Move individual jewels to form "three-in-a-rows". When you make a three-in-a-row, those three jewels disappear. Play free now.

Game #2: Copy Cat Jack

Copy Cat JackHow to Play. Copy Cat Jack is similar to the old "Simon" game, but with animal sounds. This game helps train your short-term memory as you memorize sound patterns.

Repeat the pattern of sounds played by Jack. He adds another sound after every round, so this game can be tough! Play free now.

Game #3: Glitter Memory

Glitter MemoryHow to Play. Glitter Memory is another of the brain games for kids that is based on an older game. This is an online variation of the "Concentration" card game that helps train short-term memory.

The card game is played with pairs of cards face-down. You have a moment to look at the cards face-up and memorize their positions.

Study the pattern of colored squares, and notice the location of matching pairs. With the cards upside-down, turn over pairs of cards that match to win. Play free now.

Game #4: Harry the Hamster

Harry the HamsterHow to Play. Harry the Hamster trains pattern recognition and spatial recognition skills. Save poor Harry from the hungry cat!

Build Harry an escape route using hamster tunnel pieces. You need to be quick to get Harry to freedom before the cat jumps up and catches him. Play free now.

Game #5: Lightning Librarian

Lightning LibrarianHow to Play. This is a fast-paced game that trains short-term memory. Help Lydia the Librarian find books for the kids!

Bring books to the kids before they get upset. Drop unwanted books in the Return slot. The trick is to remember which shelves the different types of books are on. Play free now.

Game #6: Mario Memory

Mario MemoryHow to Play. Mario Memory is another "Concentration" type game. This game exercises your short-term memory.

To play, turn over a card and remember the picture on it. Then, turn over another card. Try to find all matching pairs and reveal the entire Mario picture before the timer runs out. Play free now.

Game #7: Penguin Push

Penguin Push How to Play. Penguin Push trains visualization and spatial reasoning. This is one of the simpler brain games for kids, but it is still a lot of fun.

Push the ice blocks into the holes but don't get stuck in a corner. You need to plan ahead, but don't take too long - you are on a timer. Try to finish each level as quickly as possible and in as few steps as possible. Play free now.

Game #8: Tetris Returns

Tetris ReturnsHow to Play. All versions of Tetris help train visual perception and reaction time. This version is similar to the classic Tetris you may have played before.

Stack the blocks as they fall to complete rows without any gaps. Once a row is complete, those blocks disappear and the stack drops down. When a piece reaches the bottom row, that piece can no longer be rotated. So you have to be quick! Play free now.

Game #9: Spiderman Web of Words

Spiderman - Web of WordsHow to Play. Spell words with the available letters before Doc Ock starts throwing rocks at Spiderman. If Spidey gets hit too many times, he'll fall off the building!

Why is this such a fun brain game? I've always liked Scrabble and this game is a lot like that. Plus the visuals and sound effects in this game are pretty cool. Play free now.

Published: 01/23/2010
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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