Student Concentrating Less Than Before

by Anonymous

I am a Bachelor's Degree student in General Nursing and I have realized for the past few weeks I am concentrating much less than before. I am also experiencing forgetfulness.

I have read the concentration "technique" already! What else can I do to concentrate and prevent forgetfulness?

Doug's Reply. If your concentration difficulties began only recently (last few weeks as you said), then the first order of business is to think about whether changes in your lifestyle, diet, sleep, etc. are causing the problem. That's really something you'll need to determine for yourself.

If that's not the issue, and if you're looking for ways to improve concentration generally, my top recommendation would be to start playing concentration-building brain games daily.

The best game on my site for improving concentration is the free Dual N-Back game. The primary benefits of dual n-back are to increase working memory and, yes, even IQ. This was demonstrated by recent research studies. The game improves your memory and makes you more intelligent. What's not to like about that?

However, dual n-back is also a great game for improving concentration, simply because it is so challenging. Dual n-back actually gets harder or easier automatically depending on how well you perform on each level. That means it is always at the edge of being too difficult to play, unless you remain highly focused the entire time.

Another brain game you should play often is Lost in Migration. This game was designed by the scientists at Lumosity to improve focus and concentration specifically. The first time you play it, you'll understand immediately how it does that.

I generally recommend that people who want to improve their concentration and other brain skills should play brain games at least 15 minutes each day. Two sessions per day may give even better results.

So, hit the brain games, and see if that helps. But also consider your school situation as a possible cause. Graduate programs like nursing can be intense and quite draining. It could be that your concentration and memory have been affected by the stress of the heavy workload. If so, make sure to set aside some "down time" every once in awhile to give your mind and body a rest.

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