Speaking second language face to face

by Maria

I have been doing the Lumosity memory game the past month and half, how long it will take for my memory to get better. I feel is getting better, but not fast enough. Am I doing the right thing?

Also, I don't know if you can help me with this one, but I am going to try. I speak two language, and when I am on the phone I speak English clear and with no problem, but when I am speaking to some one, face to face all my words get a little tangle.

If there is anything that I can do to fix it, is specially when I speak English, and my first language is Spanish.

Doug's Reply: Everyone is born with different abilities. Some people are born with better memories than others, for example.

The Lumosity online brain games program will strengthen your memory and brain power, but it cannot make you (or me) a genius. Nothing can do that if you were not born that way.

However, there are a lot of memory techniques you can learn to help remember things better. Check out some of the other pages on my www.memory-improvement-tips.com site for more information. The best place to start is my How to Get a Better Memory page.

To Improve Understanding, Speak More Slowly

As for your question about language, you might try to slow down when speaking. Many people try to talk too fast. They think if you talk slow, it makes you seem less intelligent.

Here is a helpful video explaining how you can talk more slowly:

Also, another visitor (from India) had a similar question. You might want to read his question and my reply.

Slowing down will let you think more carefully about what you want to say. Maybe the words will come out better that way.

Best regards,

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