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This free Summer Word Search is a fun way to exercise your brain. Solve it online or print it out. The online version is replayable. The letters rescramble when you restart.

This game is part of the free online brain games and word searches puzzles collections.

To begin, click the Open the Word Search button. This opens the puzzle in a pop-up window.

Quick Tip: To increase the size of the letters in the grid, click the +A button.

Summer Word Search Instructions

For many more free word searches you can print out on paper, see my word search printables page.

Instructions: Find and circle the words from the list. Words may be forward, backward, vertical, or diagonal within the puzzle.

The words you need to find are listed on the right side of the puzzle. When you find a word in the puzzle, drag the word with the mouse to circle it.

Find all the words in the letter grid before your points fall to zero. If you give up searching for a word, click the Solve button next to the word. This circles the word in the grid for you.

HOW TO PLAY.  Find all the words hidden in the letter grid. The words you need to find are listed to the right of the puzzle.

When you find a word, cross it out by dragging your mouse across the letters of the word. Words can be forward, backward, or at a diagonal.

If you cannot find a word, use the Hint feature. Click the Hint button, and the first letter of one of the words in the word search flashes as your clue. You can only use this once.

NOTE: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash version of the puzzle.

HOW TO PLAY.  Search the Summer Word Search puzzle for the words listed on the right of the puzzle. Words can be forward, backward, or at an angle. They can also cross over each other.

To cross out a word, drag over the letters of the word with the mouse. A blue line appears through the word, and the word is automatically removed from your list.

If you need a hint, click the "Hint" button. The first letter of one of the words flashes inside the puzzle. You can only use the hint once.


SUMMER SEASON TRIVIA. Here are some interesting facts about the summer season from Wikipedia:

  • In Norse mythology, Sumarr (Old Norse "Summer") and Vetr (Old Norse "Winter") are personified seasons. Sumarr and Vetr appear in the Poetic Edda compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson.
  • The seasons, including summer, start on different dates in different cultures depending on astronomy and regional weather patterns.
  • According to meteorologists, summer includes the whole months of June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere and the whole months of December, January, and February in the southern hemisphere.
  • In southern and southeast Asia, where monsoons occur, summer is defined as March to May or early June. This is their warmest time of the year ending with the onset of monsoon rains.
  • The meteorological definition of seasons is used in Austria, Denmark, and the former USSR. It is also often used in the United Kingdom, where summer is thought of as extending from mid-May to mid-August.

I really enjoy word search puzzles. I hope you had fun with this one.

Word searches train visual perception and concentration. Solve puzzles like this often to give your brain a boost!

Published: 01/16/2010
Last Updated: 09/30/2023

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