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by Peter

Hi, do you think the Mighty Memory Now course is a scam? Thanks, Peter

Doug's Reply: I have never tried that course, but here is my guess:

I do not think it's a "scam" in the sense of a total rip-off. It sounds like they have compiled memory techniques like the ones I describe on my website and added some subliminal audio affirmations into one downloadable package.

Memory techniques do work. I know that from my own experience, and you can learn the most powerful ones for free on my site and in the books I recommend.

I am not so sure about the audio affirmation though. I have tried affirmations, and while I think they might possibly improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed, confident, etc., I really doubt they can change a poor memory into a good one.

What I cannot tell you without having tried the Mighty Memory course is whether they have done a good job putting the package together. I do see there is a money-back guarantee, so that is something positive.

Here is the "who is" info about Mighty Memory Now:


Apparently the creator is a guy named Martin Mak who lives in Singapore. The question then becomes, who is this guy, and what are his credentials? These days anyone can put together an e-book and sell it on the internet.

I see this list of articles by Martin:


You might want to read through some of his articles before you decide whether to buy the product. If the articles seem well-written and are full of very useful information that you can put into practice easily, that is an indication that he knows what he is talking about and may have a good product.

When it comes to a good memory, don't expect miracles without effort. His sales page mentions his product "Works Like Magic". But magic sort of implies amazing results without lifting a finger. No such thing.


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Jan 07, 2015
Mighty Memory Now
by: Anonymous

You can find all of the information in this course free online, like right on this site.

The audios are guided affirmation, kind of like hypnosis audios without the trance induction. They were created using text to speech so the "speaker's" voice is a bit robotic.

The audio is basically useless fodder added to increase profits. Not really worth the money.

You would be better served with Harry Lorayne's book:

The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play.

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