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In this amazing slope game, keep your ball on the 3D track at high speeds while avoiding the obstacles. This game trains concentration and visual perception.

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Instructions - Slope Game

Slope is an endless runner game. You are a ball that is skyrocketing down a narrow and varied path set high in the air.

This crazy path is scattered with obstacles but also includes jewels to collect, ramps to jump, and tunnels to pass through.

When the game is over, you can visit the Slope Shop where you can spend the pile of jewels you have earned to buy power-ups or a cooler-looking ball.

The object of Slope is to run your ball as far as possible down the path before crashing or falling off the track. A crash happens if you run into one of the red squares, so avoid the red squares like the plague.

The distance that you travel is measured in meters, so you might travel 50m, 200m, or more! As you improve your slope skill, try to beat your own distance record.

When playing the slope game on a computer, use your Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys to control your ball, moving it from side to side on the path. If playing on a phone, swipe right or left.

slope game ramps

Ramps. A important feature of Slope is the use of ramps. In key situations you will need to aim your ball carefully and jump in the air using these ramps.

Some ramps are optional. You can pass them on the side without much consequence.

But sometimes there is a break in the track, and the only way to get your ball over to the other side of the chasm is to roll onto a ramp to jump the gap, like Evel Knievel over Snake River Canyon (of course, he didn't make it; but you will, right?).

The Slope Game Shop

In this Slope game, it isn't enough to just survive. You also want to collect jewels. The game sets a cookie in your browser to keep track of the number of jewels you have earned.

slope game shop

These gems appear in random lines on the slope track. To collect them, simply roll over them with your Slope ball. But be careful: don't fall off the track in your eagerness to gather every jewel.

Jewels are fun to collect, but what can you do with them? Spend them, of course, at the Shop!

To access the shop, click the big SHOP button on the slope game's start screen. Here's what you can buy at the shop with your jewels:

  • Shield Power-Up. On the right side of the slope game screen, you'll see a shield icon. I haven't figured out yet what shields do, except that they last for only a limited time.

    You can buy additional shield power-ups at the Slope Store. Shield power-ups cost 500 jewels each.

  • Magnet Power-Up. Also on the right side of the slope track screen, you'll see a U-shaped magnet. This is a power up that, when used, allows you to magnetically collect the jewels from the track.

    Normally, you can only collect jewels by passing over them with your Slope ball. Click the magnet to temporarily attract the jewels to you!

    Use the jewels you collect to purchase more magnets at the Slope Shop. Each magnet costs 300 jewels.

  • x2 Power-Up. Click this power-up on the right side of the slope track screen to double the value of jewels you collect for a limited time. You can buy more x2 power-ups at the Slope Shop for 200 jewels each.

  • Ball Visual Upgrade. Tired of the "vanilla" ball design? Spend some jewels, and you can have a basketball, baseball, soccer ball, beach ball, billiard ball, or even the planet Earth. Scroll to the right or left on the Shop screen to view the balls available and their cost in jewels.

    After you purchase a new ball, activate that ball for the next slope game by clicking the CHOOSE button under the ball in the Shop. You can use any Slope ball that you've purchased, plus the original vanilla ball. Your currently selected ball displays "PICKED" underneath it in the Slope Shop.

This game is quite challenging and requires intense concentration.

Concentration games like Slope train important brain skills including attention and visual perception. Play games these often to give your brain a boost.

Published: 04/10/2020
Last Updated: 07/22/2022

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