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Here's a free drag racer online game for all you race fans out there. This game trains concentration and reaction time. Drag racing is a special form of car race. It's a race between two specially modified cars on a short track.

This game is part of the free online brain games collection.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large button under the picture of the game. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

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Free Drag Racer Online Game - Instructions

Note: The instructions below are for the old Adobe Flash game.

In Drag Race Demon 2, spend your race winnings wisely to customize your dragster. Go faster and win more races!

Race your dragster one-on-one against the computer's dragsters and funny cars. Be sure to time your shifts perfectly if you want to come out on top.

This online drag racing game is a fun challenge and a great brain game. During drag race competitions and on the test track, you're brain will be highly focused as you watch for the perfect moment to shift gears or engage the nitrous.

Back in the pits, strategic thinking comes into play. Which upgrades will you choose? Should you head to the test track for more practice?

The idea is to find out who can zoom down the track fastest and be the first to cross the finish line.

HOW TO PLAY. To begin the drag racer online game, click the Play button on the main Drag Race Demon 2 splash screen.

Next, type your name in the box at the bottom of the Welcome screen. This is your race car driver's name in-game.

Your racer's name can be any name you wish. After entering the name, click the NEXT button.

The Your Dragster screen displays. Your own dragster car is shown at the top of the screen.

drag racer online game
Your customizable drag racer

This screen also displays the amount of cash you have to spend on parts, listed in British pounds. Currently, 1 British pound is worth about 1.5 US Dollars.

The drag racer online game starts you with 600 pounds. That means you can buy a couple upgrades for your dragster right off the bat.

Below the cash display, you'll see the name of your next racing opponent.

Also shown is a picture of your opponent's car, as well as the Win Bonus. That's how much cash you'll receive if you win the race.

After visiting the Paint Shop, Parts Shop, Engineering area, and Testing Track as needed, click the READY TO RACE button to go to your first head-to-head race!

HOW TO RACE YOUR DRAGSTER. Racing controls are simple. Drag the on-screen arrow to the right to accelerate your drag racing car from the starting line.

drag racer online game
Race time!

Press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to shift gears. During the race, keep an eye on the RPM gauge. When the need gets near the red, shift up to the next gear.

Later in the drag racer online game you can use your winnings to purchase a nitrous oxide upgrade. Nitrous gives the dragster a speed boost during the race. To activate nitrous, press the Shift key.

There are 4 locations in this drag racing game. These are 1) Paint Shop; 2) Parts Shop; 3) Engineering; and 4) Test Track.

You can take your dragster to these locations by clicking the "Paint Shop", "Parts Shop", "Engineering", and "Testing Track" buttons located at the bottom of the Your Dragster screen.

Paint Shop

drag racer online game
Customize your dragster's wheels and paint

Customize the look of your drag racer in the Paint Shop. Fortunately, there is no charge for paint jobs.

In the Paint Shop, you can change your dragster's bodywork (paint designs). How about a cool lightning bolt design?

You can also select various wheel trims and the body color.

To make changes, simply click the new color or design. You selections are saved automatically and shown on your car at the top of the Paint Shop window.

When finished modifying the look of your dragster, click the DONE button.

Parts Shop

In this free drag racer online game, the Parts Shop is where you've got some important decisions to make.

The color you select in the Paint Shop for your dragster isn't going to affect whether you win, but an engine upgrade or better tires certainly will.

Click the Parts Shop button at the bottom of the Your Dragster window to enter the parts shop. You'll see your cash available listed at the top of the screen along with a picture of your drag racer.

Along the bottom of the Parts Shop screen, you'll see available upgrades.

Upgrades increase the performance of your car. Shown is the cost of the upgrade as well as the percentage upgrade you've purchased so far.

To buy an upgrade such as a better engine or a spoiler, click the INVEST button under the upgrade. The percentage display increases each time you buy a dragster upgrade.

drag racer online game
Upgrade parts from stock to custom

For example, on purchasing the first engine upgrade the percent under the Engine increases from zero to 25%.

Bonus parts are available later in the game and are more expensive. These include a turbo booster and nitrous oxide.

After buying upgrades for your drag racer, visit Engineering, the next section of the online drag racer game. Engineering is where you can configure and adjust upgrades you've purchased.


Once you've purchased better tires, a spoiler, or an improved chassis (car body) for your dragster, you can configure these upgrades in the Engineering section.

drag racer online game
Engineering: Configure Your Upgrades

Click the Engineering button at the bottom of the Your Dragster screen to access this section.

  • Adjusting the spoiler or tail fin allows you to balance the speed advantages of both the chassis length and the wheel size.

  • Adjusting the tire size allows for faster and more controlled acceleration.

  • Adjusting the chassis length makes the dragster rear up less. This allows for faster acceleration and speeds.

Once you've configured your dragster's upgrades, it time to head to the test track.

Testing Track

Before committing to a race, it's smart to run a few time trials on the Testing Track.

This gives you an idea of your drag racer's performance. The results of the time trials indicates if you should make adjustments to the upgrades or maybe purchase more upgrades if available.

Click the Testing Track button at the bottom of the Your Dragster screen to access the test track. Test your dragster by racing it as fast as you can down the track.

drag racer online game
Testing Track: Practice Your Skills

The best practice time I've gotten so far is slightly under 12 seconds. That's with just a few upgrades installed.

At the end of each test run, the Test Completed screen appears. This shows your test track race time.

To do another test run, click the Test Again button. To make changes to the configuration of your upgrades, click the Make Adjustments button.

If you are happy with your test time and dragster set-up, click the Ready to Race button. Time to see what that dragster can do!

I've actually not gotten very far in Drag Race Demon 2. I've only run a few races and have yet to figure out the best upgrades to buy. If you master this game or have any tips, let us know in the Comments section below.

This free drag racer online game combines the enjoyment of a competitive racing game with the brain skills required to configure and race a dragster. This game trains concentration, reaction time, and related brain abilities.

Published: 07/12/2015
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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