Free Scrabble Dictionary Word Checker

To find out if a word is allowed in Scrabble games, use this free Scrabble Dictionary word checker. Type in the word, and then click the CHECK button.

According to the Collins Dictionary website, this widget is "The only online Scrabble checker to use the official tournament word list. The official word list includes over a quarter of a million permissible words, and is endorsed by Mattel and the World English-Language Scrabble® Players' Association."

If the word is in the official Scrabble Tournament word list, the message "OFFICIAL WORD" appears at the bottom of the widget. Also displayed are number of points the word is worth in Scrabble, as well as its part of speech and definition.

How to Use the Free Scrabble Dictionary

NOTE: The instructions below are for the old version of the Scrabble checker.

Use this free Scrabble Dictionary word checker to determine which words are allowed or disallowed in Scrabble games.

CHECKING ALLOWED/NOT ALLOWED. To check whether a word is allowed, enter the word in the text box, and then click the CHECK button. Details about the word then appear in the section below the CHECK button.

If the word exists in the Official Scrabble Tournament Dictionary, the phrase OFFICIAL WORD displays.

If the word is not in the dictionary, a SORRY, NOT ALLOWED message appears. If you see this message, first make sure you've spelled the word correctly before giving up on it.

free scrabble dictionary

For example, suppose you want to check the word "filter", but you accidentally misspell it as "fillter" (two L's) in the free Scrabble Dictionary word checker. In that situation, the SORRY, NOT ALLOWED message would appear. If you then correct the word to its proper spelling, "filter", you would then see the OFFICIAL WORD approval message.

DEFINITIONS AND PARTS OF SPEECH. For allowed words, you'll see the dictionary definition including the part of speech and the meaning. For example, for the word "filter", you'll see, "FILTER - noun: device permitting fluid to pass but retaining solids; verb: remove impurities from (a substance) with a filter."

SCRABBLE POINT VALUE. For allowed words, you can view the minimum point value for the word. This point total represents the sum of the tile points without modifiers like Double Word Score, Triple Letter Score, etc. The point value displays on a tile to the left of the definition.

As Collins puts it, with this free Scrabble Dictionary word checker you can:

"Settle all your arguments and check eligible words, with this new family edition of the Collins Scrabble Dictionary. The perfect reference for playing with family and friends, it includes short definitions."

This Scrabble checker also works great during Scrabble practice. You can practice your Scrabble word-making skills by playing the free Wordmeister and Outspell Scrabble games here on this site.

Many thanks to Collins for making this Scrabble word checker available.

Published: 04/29/2010
Last Updated: 07/15/2021

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