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Below are links to the free online Card Solitaire Games on this site. Play them online anytime with no restrictions. For more types of games, see the Free Brain Games main page.

Welcome to the free online solitaire games page. Above are lots of solitaire games you can play in your brower for free, anytime. Solitaire card games train concentration, memory, and logical reasoning skills.

The word "solitaire" has different meanings. This page has what those in the U.S. consider solitaire card games.

The British refer to them as Patience card games. The solitaire games on this page start with a designated layout of cards.

Your goal is to place the cards in a particular order, often by number or suit.

Klondike solitaire rules are perhaps the most well known. The games below each have their own twist, though.

This variety makes the games more interesting. If you grow tired of playing one, try your luck with one of the others.

Rules of Patience Solitaire

Solitaire Play

The free online solitaire games above offer many variations on how the cards are layed out and played. But most of them share a common goal.

For most of the games, the idea is to rearrange the "up" cards into a certain order based usually on numerical order or card suit. Most use only a single 52-card deck.

There will usually be a draw pile of some kind. The cards in the draw pile are face down, and you can turn over the top card when needed.

Some of these free online solitaire games are on a timer. The faster you complete the game, the more points you get.

For example, in Tripeaks solitaire, there is a timer bar that decreases until you make your next play. The faster you make your moves, the more time you can build up.

Origin of Patience Solitaire Card Games

You may not have realized it, but patience card games like these free online solitaire games have a long history. The earliest reference to the game of patience dates back to the late 1700's in Germany.

Want to test how strong you luck is at the moment? Play a few hands of patience to find out. In old times in Scandanavia and Germany, people would play patience solitaire to see if the time was right to act or what the future would hold.

Almost like looking for a sign from Lady Luck. If it took them a lot of tries to win, then their luck was not favorable. If, however, they completed a game right away, it meant their luck was good at that time.

If you believe in luck, then maybe these free online solitaire games are a good way to test yours!

Published: 07/10/2011
Last Updated: 10/11/2023

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