Fun Brain Games - A Selection

Here are some of the most fun brain games on this site. That's my opinion, of course. I hope you agree!

Playing any brain game is useful. Certainly much better for your brain than sitting around watching show after show on TV.

But some games are boring, while others are really fun. Why not play the fun ones?

The ten games below are the most fun in my opinion. You might think some of the other games in the brain games list on the right are more fun than these.

To each his own. Play the games you like.

Game #1: Air Typer

Air TyperHow to Play. Type the words on the enemy balloons as they appear. Don't let more than three balloons slip past, or your plane will go down in flames!

I'm a fast typist, so I find this game a lot of fun. I also like the background music which has a lot of energy. If you're not a fast typer this game could be challenging. Play free now.

Game #2: Bloxorz

BloxorzHow to Play. Figure out how to roll your block so it falls into the square hole. But don't let your block fall off the edge!

This game is really cool visually, and it is challenging. Plus it has tons of levels to play (33) and interesting side rules for bridges, switches, orange tiles, and teleporting.

I like the passcode feature too. The passcode lets you restart the game where you left off. So if you're tired by level 18, you can write down the passcode for that level and start up there again tomorrow. Play free now.

Game #3: Curveball

CurveballHow to Play. This is 3D futuristic ping-pong against the computer. A super fun brain game.

This game rocks. It's like a combination of Pong and Tron rolled into one. Every level gets faster and faster to the point where you really have to focus to beat your opponent. I think it's really cool that you can hit curved shots in this game. Play free now.

Game #4: Escapa!

Escapa!How to Play. Keep your red square away from the walls and the moving blue shapes. This is a challenging but fun brain game.

This is a simple-looking game too, but wow is it tough. The urban legend is that this game is used to test the reflexes of air force pilots.

If you can keep the red block in play for longer than 20 seconds, you definitely have my respect! Play free now.

Game #5: Ice Cream Stand

Ice Cream StandHow to Play. Serve the kids scoops of ice cream in the order they request it.

A simple, silly game but fun (and funny) to play. It's actually a good game for training your short-term memory too.

I love the sound of the ocean waves in the background. And the kids' voices are really funny. They don't say words, just a weird "Me--me-ne-me-ne-me" sound. It's like hearing a conversation at a distance where you can't quite make out the words. Play free now.

Game #6: Idiot Test

Idiot TestHow to Play. Carefully follow the onscreen instructions.

Why do I like this game? I'm not sure. One reason it's so fun is you think you'll be able to ace it right off the bat. After all, you're no idiot, right? It kind of hurts when you mess up and the game actually insults you.

This is one of those games you can't quit playing. Fortunately it doesn't take that long to make your way through all the screens. Play free now.

Game #7: Sneak

SneakHow to Play. Sneak through each level without being detected by the enemy security devices.

It's fun analyzing each level and trying to figure out where the "safe spots" are. Of course, then you have to get to the safe spots without getting caught by the lasers, security lights, or roving guards.

This game is basically a visual logic puzzle. Very challenging, but I like figuring stuff like this out. Play free now.

Game #8: Spiderman - Web of Words

Spiderman - Web of WordsHow to Play. Spell words with the available letters before Doc Ock starts throwing rocks at Spiderman. If Spidey gets hit too many times, he'll fall off the building!

Why is this such a fun brain game? I've always liked Scrabble and this game is a lot like that. Plus the visuals and sound effects in this game are pretty cool. Play free now.

Game #9: Word Search

Word SearchHow to Play. This is just like your typical word search puzzle that you would play on paper except it's online. Circle all the words hidden in the puzzle.

I like word searches though in the past I've usually only played them in puzzle books (on paper). But this is a neat online variation. Yet another challenging and fun brain game. Play free now.

Published: 12/03/2008
Last Updated: 06/11/2020

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