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In this fun 2048 game, combine numbers by sliding them around in a grid until you reach a total of 2048.

To begin, click the Medium link or Very Large button under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

Note: The HTML5/Mobile version works on desktop computers, tablets, and phones. It is the same type of game but made by a different game developer.

2048 Game - Instructions

This is a sliding block puzzle. You start with just 2 + 2. Then double these all the way up to 2048.

After the game loads, click the PLAY button to begin. On the Info screen that displays, click the OK button to start playing.

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HOW TO PLAY. The object of this game is combine numbers in powers of 2 to reach a total of 2048, before the 4 x 4 game grid fills up with numbers.

Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to slide the numbers on the grid into new positions. Each time you do this, a new 2 or 4 appears.

To combine numbers, slide like numbers together. For example, when you slide two 2's together, they become a 4. When you slide two 4's together, they become an 8.

And so on, all the way up to 2048.

You can't slide numbers only part way across the grid. When you press the Right Arrow key, for example, all the current numbers slide all the way to the right.

This online 2048 puzzle game is a bit like chess in that it pays to think ahead. Try to think one or two steps ahead to predict ways to get higher numbers to combine.

In other words, if you have created two 64's and want to combine them into 128, predict with direction(s) you should slide the grid to get the two 64's to merge.

Your score is shown on the bottom left of the game screen. Points go up by the amount of every number combo you create. Your highest score shows in the lower right.

There is no time limit when playing this game, so take your time and make smart moves.

CONTROLS. This game doesn't have many in-game controls. Basically, you can mute the music by clicking the speaker icon. That's about it.

2048 is a viral classic number puzzle that became an instant hit when it was first released by web developer Gabriele Cirulli in 2014. If you've never played it, give it a try!

Math games like this 2048 game train important brain skills including logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and arithmetic. Play games like this one often to give your brain a boost.

Game distributed by FlashPilot.net. Used with Permission.

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